Video Of Kathryn & Landon Feuding On 'Southern Charm' Adds One More Cast Member To Kathryn's List

Kathryn Dennis has had a rough season on Southern Charm. There has yet to be one episode that she hasn't dealt with some type of drama. On Monday's Southern Charm , Kathryn and Landon get into a disagreement while at Thomas' election party. It gets pretty ugly as Landon accuses Kathryn of making things all about her, which I think officially makes Landon the newest person on Kathryn's list of disliked cast members (residing nicely next to: Whitney, Patricia, and, let's be honest, Thomas).

While at a party celebrating Thomas' campaign (and to hear the not so surprising election results), Kathryn and Thomas get into a tiff. It's nothing new for the on-again, off-again couple, except this time it's following the accusations that Thomas assaulted a woman, so there seems to be an extra helping of tension on this particular interaction. After Kathryn storms off to confide in her Southern Charm friends (note: Whitney is seated at Thomas' table, and is not included in said friend group), Landon expresses her feelings that Kathryn is acting conceited by making everything about her. Fighting. Words.

Kathryn obviously doesn't respond well to this — who would? She basically tells Landon to keep her opinions to herself and flips her off. Landon, in a talking head interview, says she is shocked to see Kathryn treating her like this. But I struggle to understand why Landon is so confused: Her comments were pretty ill-timed, considering Kathryn and Thomas were going through some not-so fun stuff in their lives at that point. Plus, I think it is a pretty standard reaction to be offended by someone calling you conceited. Maybe that's just me. (Also: compared to the Whitney fight in Jekyll Island, this was nothing.)

Landon ends the talking head by saying Kathryn has "zero class," which seems like a pretty strong line in the sand on where these two women stand moving forward. I think tensions are high for Kathryn and Thomas and it's probably in everyone's best interest to not comment on their relationship and/or form judgements during this time. At the same time, Kathryn is no stranger to anger, and she only has so many slots on that list to fill up until she has no friends on the cast at all.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo