'The Voice' Finalist Meghan Linsey's Original Single "Change My Mind" is the Ultimate Empowering Break-Up Anthem for Women

Well America, we've made it. It's the finale of The Voice and the Final Four are singing for our votes for the last time this season — so they're obviously bringing it. For the first time ever, all four contestants will debut their original singles on part one of the two part finale. First up was Meghan Linsey, 29, and she certainly set the bar high. Her original single "Change My Mind" was raw, emotional, and the ultimate break up anthem. But it wasn't a cheesy, Taylor Swift-like break up anthem (sorry, Swift — I still love you), it was one that was full of deep emotions and powerful lyrics. Linsey proved tonight that she's ready to be the strong, empowering female artist she set out to be.

The great thing about Linsey is that, even though she's aspiring to be a soulful pop artist, she started out in country. This puts a unique spin on her music. The country influence is so evident in "Change My Mind." Country has earned the stereotype of being about beer, trucks, and girls — and so much of it is — but it's also the one genre that really tells a story in every song. Linsey's single certainly tells a story, and you can tell it's a story she can really relate to — and that's what makes it so much better. "Change My Mind" has the potential to become a really empowering song to women in bad relationships and women in general. The lyrics encourage women to be themselves and to not change for any man — and that's such an incredible message to put out there. Linsey's performance of this song was so raw and powerful — it proved that she will use her power as an artist to empower women and that's an amazing thing to see.

Blake Shelton has proved himself as a strong coach in this competition — he's coached four of the seven winning artists — and he can definitely win again with Linsey. Linsey is the strongest, most experienced artist in this competition. Her performances over the past few weeks have proved that she deserves to earn the title. Her original single proves that she would continue to deliver amazing music once she has that recording contract — and I'd certainly buy her album. She has tough competition in Joshua Davis, Koryn Hawthorne, and Sawyer Fredericks, but she definitely has what it takes to steal the title. Tune in tomorrow to find out if she does!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC