Meghan Linsey Brings the Drama in 'The Voice' Top 5 & Proves That She Could Take Home the Title

We're down to five contestants on The Voice and the competition is really heating up. Now that all my initial picks for who would win have been eliminated, it's time to reevaluate and the new front-runner is clear. I almost don't even want to type her name because every time I've named a winner they've been eliminated shortly after. But the end is near and I'll take my chances — Meghan Linsey, 29, will win The Voice if America knows what's good for them and tonight's performance proved that.

Linsey performed a dramatic rendition of Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One" and it was just about as perfect as it could get. This was an amazing song choice for Linsey at this point in the game — she's trying to make the jump from country to pop and this was a great way to do it. She was able to play up the emotion of the lyrics while showcasing both the soft and gritty sides of her voice. Linsey really keyed into the drama of the song and made it different from Smith's version — and it totally worked for her in a way that it wouldn't for Smith. Her country background has given her the storytelling skills that many pop singers lack and that's why she's worthy of winning The Voice title.

Linsey has been a superstar throughout her entire time on The Voice. She's proved that she's the most versatile singer in the bunch by singing songs from different genres and decades every week. She's also proven to be consistent — which is not something to be said of all the contestants. Linsey is the only season eight contestant with a real shot of making it big in the music industry — and she has both her talent and musical background to thank for that. Her versatility almost guarantees that her album would fly off the shelves because there would be something for everyone — and seriously, how amazing would the above image look as an album cover? If America wants a true talent to take home the title, then there's no doubt Linsey will be the last one standing.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC