Are You Daring Enough For Half-And-Half Hair Dye?

by Stephanie Chon

2015 might be the year of the colorful hair trend. From metallic silver, to pastels (perfect for festivals), to pixelated dye jobs, and now half-and-half dyed hair (aka split-dyed hair), it definitely seems like the world has moved on from the ombré. Split-dyed hair is when one half of your hair is one color and the other is a totally different one. Many like to go with one bright and bold color on one side, while rocking a more natural tone on the other.

After scrolling through all the different half-and-half babes on this post, it’s going to be difficult not to run to the nearest salon. You’ll definitely get massive hair inspiration, but be sure to prepare yourself for people always commenting on your hair as well as many other situations that your bold hair will create. If you're new to dying your hair and you want to ease into the spilt-dye game, there are more subtle ways to pull off this look — it doesn’t always have to be super bold.

Although there aren't any celebrities that have pulled this look off yet, I'm definitely putting my money on Miley Cyrus as the first one to try it out. Maybe she'll even sport split-dyed armpit hair? You never know.

Here are 9 half and half hair dye ideas to consider recreating immediately.

1. Au Natural

Go natural tones for both sides

2. Pastel Perfection

Ombré, pastels, and split-dyed? What a hair queen.

3. Ice Blue Baby

Here's one way to sport your favorite middle school color.

4. Retro Lovely

Spilt-dyed hair gives great dimension to this retro pin-up.

5. Color Contrast

Wanna go bold? Pick a color that contrasts with your natural color.

6. A Lisa Frank Hair Dream

Loving the bright contrasts! I'm thinking complimentary colors would look sick also.

7. Kylie Jenner's Next Hairdo

Do you think Kylie Jenner will go back to this color in split-dyed form?

8. Metallic Maven

Ooh metallic meets spilt-dyed.

9. Cotton Candy Cute

Cotton candy vibes are strong with this one.

10. Cheshire Cat

Those cat-eye sunnies and that hair looks straight out of Wonderland.

11. Cruella de Vil

Getting a vampire-y Cruella de Vil feel with this 101 Dalmatians look.

12. I Sea You

The turquoise and deep purple contrast each other perfectly. It kinda reminds me of sea waters at night.

13. Bubble Gum

Who says moms can't rock a split-dye??

14. Friday the 13th

She's definitely rocking that Halloween vibe.

15. Sailor Moon

Channeling Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars at the same time!? Amazing.

Images: goddess.hathor, adriennelucina, idunnoyetttt, ashleighprobertxo, elinakutilainen, twistedworld_, xscene._.worldx, theglowau, pasteldollsxo, birchboxes, __thecatsmeow_, finduilas.nenharma, xjulie2wilsonx, ouijababy,