Tony The Healer Is The 'Bachelorette' Version of Ashley S. — Talking To Inanimate Objects & All

Reality TV loves to boast dramatic cast members, and this season Tony the healer is the requisite quirky one on The Bachelorette. As if his job of "healer" (read: massage therapist) didn't make him interesting enough, Tony is pretty fond of putting stock in vibes and feelings and talking to inanimate objects like his plants. Sound familiar? Tony is basically this season's Ashley S. But instead of pomegranates and onions, Tony is really into talking to his plants and touching things to read their energy. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson were in for a ride when Tony showed up and delivered the same opening line to both ladies while talking reaaaalllyyyy slowly (maybe so the plants could understand him?) — but Britt was totally into him. She pulled him aside to tell him she totally got what he was all about, and Tony ate that right up.

Although the massage therapist had originally come to the show for Kaitlyn, he was quickly swayed by Britt's positive aura. "I feel like the energy from Britt's [voting] box was pulsating," he said when deciding which lady to give his vote to.

If things don't work out with either of the Bachelorettes, Tony can always try to hit up Ashley S. I feel like they would have a lot to talk about to each other and to their various plants. If anyone understands the vibes of a room and unique wisdom it's Ashley S.

Now Tony is following in her quirky footsteps. Will he continue to deliver Ashley S. style words words of wisdom and energy throughout the season? One can only hope.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC