Thomas Ravenel Isn't Going To The Senate

The journey of watching the oh-so hopeful Thomas Ravenel run for a seat in the South Carolina Senate on Southern Charm has officially come to an end. It hasn’t been an easy road for T-Rav. He started out the season making some truly awful campaign advertisements with the advice of Whitney (who knows nothing about politics — let’s be honest), he let his campaign manager take too much of a lead in running his day-to-day life (and even his relationship with Kathryn), and, finally, he added to his crime-adjacent persona when he was accused of assault by Kathryn’s friend and stylist, Lauren. Not exactly the campaign of the next Senator of South Carolina, is it? If Thomas was really going to beat the incumbent Lindsey Graham, he would have had to make miracles happen, and, fetch just didn’t happen.

Tonight, viewers finally saw Thomas lose the election: As all of his friends and family gathered at his friend JD’s restaurant, the results were announced, and boy, were they grim. Though Shep and Craig took wagers on how much of the vote he would get (they both said a generous 11 percent), it turns out that Thomas was only able to pull in about three percent, or 15,000 votes. Yikes.

Of course, Thomas blamed this partially on his latest scandal, even though I think he knew that he didn’t really have a chance. Following his brutal defeat, Thomas made a vow that he was swearing off politics forever. But is that a good idea? According to Cameran, it could go either way: Thomas seems to get in a lot of trouble when he’s not campaigning or working toward a goal, but he was a treasurer when he got busted for that whole cocaine thing.

So what should Thomas do now? Honestly, I think he should take some time off, especially from politics. With a young daughter to help raise, Thomas should be focusing his energies into that adorable little creature instead of plotting to take over the world. At some point in life, to paraphrase Kenny Rogers, you have to know when to hold and you have to know when to fold 'em. Folding them is exactly what Thomas Ravenel should do at this point.

Maybe he can try some real estate development, or open his own restaurant just as his other buddies are doing. No matter what the new venture, politics should definitely stay in T-Rav’s past.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo; Giphy