7 Times Rachel & Chandler Proved They're Ride Or Die On 'Friends'

It's been more than a decade since the plushest couch at Central Perk was occupied, but I still consider the Friends cast the comic ensemble that dreams are made of. Whether they were all together or paired off, the chemistry never stopped. Some Friends duos have their immediate and obvious list of greatest hits, and I'm talking, of course, about bromance pioneers Joey and Chandler, plus ultimate will-they-won't-they couple Ross and Rachel. But in rewatching the series over and over (and over) throughout the years, there's one Friends tag-team that I don't think gets the respect and adoration it deserves: Chandler and Rachel.

Now, the math has been done. Slate worked out how many scenes each grouping of Friends shared across the show's 10 seasons and by the numbers, Chandler and Rachel are the most infrequent scene partners. Screen time inhabited by just the two of them only makes up 0.7 percent of the show. But can a friendship truly be measured by something as cold and clinical as a mathematical calculation? Nay, my friends. Nay. Chandler and Rachel are so much more than that measly 0.7 percent would have you believe. To prove it, here are the unsung duo's greatest hits; the moments that proved just how ride or die of a pair they really were.

1) The One When They Stole The Cheesecakes

Chandler and Rachel broke bad — real bad — when cheesecakes started mysteriously showing up in the building. They eventually included Joey in their plan to not seek out the desserts' actual owner, but their sweet rebellion came first.

2) The One When Chandler Missed Joey & Rachel Comforted Him

I still feel vaguely traumatized when I remember the rift between Chandler and Joey from Season 2. But when Joey found success and left his roommate and bracelet buddy behind, Rachel was there to pick up the pieces.

3) The One When Rachel Helped Chandler Become James Bond

OK, so the 007 tux didn't fit. But Chandler eventually married Monica in another suit with a starry past and Rachel was a good enough friend to not tell him that it once belonged to Diane Keaton.

4) The One When They Had A Treat Yo Self Day

Because everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. Even transponsters.

5) The One When They Hooked Up... In A Dream

In "The One With The Flashback," a very bored and still engaged Rachel meets Chandler... and then has a steamy daydream about him. I'm not saying they should have been a thing, but they totally should have been a thing. Also, how did Rachel forget meeting and making out with him at a college party?

6) The One When They Were Pathetic Losers Together

No one should be treasured more than that friend you call when you need a good wallow...

7) The One When They Said Goodbye

There's always that one friend who'll miss you the most when you're gone. Almost as much as I miss all of the duos from Friends.

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