How To Audition For 'The Voice'

Life is about to get boring again. Not just because all the season finales are airing on TV right now, but because The Voice is about to wrap up Season 8. The singing competition airs its finale on Tuesday night (sigh), and already I'm wondering when will The Voice return in 2015? There's no word from NBC on an exact date just yet, but I'll bet all of our favorite celebrity judges will be back in the fall with a whole new roster of singers. Traditionally, the series has two seasons a year — one in the spring and one in the fall. And what about summer? Well, that's when fall auditions are being held... for Season 10.

It turns out the auditions for Season 9 were actually held earlier this year. Talk about not wasting any time! While you might have missed your chance to be on the next season, all hope is not lost. According to The Voice's official site, the show will be holding open auditions for Season 10 in Detroit, Oklahoma City, New York City, and Los Angeles throughout the month of June. But it's actually a long way from this audition to the blind auditions we see on the show. The website's "Frequently Asked Questions" page makes it pretty clear, all in caps: "COACHES WILL NOT BE AT AUDITIONS!" And, if you can't make it to one of those cities, there's good news: You can turn in a video submission.

Here's how the rest of the process to get on The Voice goes.

Are You Eligible?

Interested in auditioning for The Voice? First things first, you need to make sure you meet all the requirements, like you're legally present in the United States, at least 15 years old, not running for public office (sorry, Hillary), and willing to undergo a background check. The full list of eligibility requirements is here on the official audition site.

Register On The Website

You're eligible? Great! You need to register for an Artist Account on the official website. You need this account in order to participate in the open call. It's also here that you choose which city you'll sing your heart out in — and don't forget to print out your audition pass. You'll need that in order to get in.

The Audition

"Usually auditions are individual," singer Sarah J. told Billboard about her audition for The Voice . "Here, they took a group of 10 people into the audition room and one-by-one you had to get up and sing a capella, a verse and chorus, for the judge-slash-producer. So, that was kind of odd, singing for everybody. It made it kind of awkward; what if you're singing the same song as the person next to you?"

And, as I quoted above, the coaches won't be there. Sadface. Instead, you'll be auditioning in front of The Voice producers, and the audition site advises all attending that the audition will be an all-day affair — so clear your schedule. Plus, you must perform a Capella (just like Pitch Perfect), so that means no instruments or backing tracks.


If the producers want to see you again, the site says that callbacks will occur one to three days after your original audition. So keep your cell phone handy.

From there it's likely there will be a few more hoops to jump through. But hey, if you make it onto The Voice, it will have all been worth it.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC; Giphy (3)