Steal Katy Perry 'California Gurls' Fashion Because What's Better Than Totally Over The Top Style?

As a big fan of Katy Perry's 2010 Teenage Dream album, I quickly fell in love with the upbeat pop tune "California Gurls." When I saw the music video, my love for the song was taken to a whole new level as Katy Perry revealed her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired landscape and her sugar-coated "California Gurls" fashion style. This video is just epic and, IMO, is an example for all other music videos to follow. There's a huge emphasis on aesthetics with a set that looks good enough to eat and super sweet costumes. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into each little detail, right down to Perry's sparkling nails and candy jewelry.

There are tons of costume changes in "California Gurls" plus plenty of other characters with equally fun costumes as Perry. The plot of the video follows Perry entering into a board game controlled by Snoop Dogg, aka Sugar Daddy. Upon entering this Alice in Wonderland style world, her quest is to free an array of "Candyfornia" queens from their captor Sugar Daddy and his clever, candy traps.

The video also has a touch of The Wizard of Oz to it, whereby when Perry frees the captured femmes, they join her on her adventure much like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion join Dorothy. However, Perry's companions are candy girls channelling cotton candy/bubblegum, candy cane, and caramel treats.

It's a totally bonkers yet incredibly fun video and the clothes are out of this world (literally) — Katy Perry's incredible costumes are always on point! So why not make life a little sweeter in "California Gurls" inspired clothing?

The Candy-Covered Outfit

At the beginning of the video, Perry is seen wearing a sweet treat extravaganza. Looking as though she slid down a rainbow and landed in a sticky sand pit of candy, she wears a cute, multi-colored mini skirt with a sweet-embellished bustier.

Rainbow Ribbons Tutu, $16,

This multicolored, rainbow striped tutu is the perfect match to Katy Perry's colorful mini skirt. Wear this skirt when it's raining outside for an instant, cheery pick-me-up.

Katy Perry California Girls/Gurls Fancy Dress Costume, $88,

Katy Perry wows again in a bespoke, handmade bustier. Unless you want to make your own, it's probably best to purchase a remake of this eclectic piece, such as this one from Etsy, as it is so unusual that there is nothing out there which is quite like it.

As seen above, Perry is wearing bubblegum pink stockings while climbing up a serpentine candy cane.

FUNOC Women's Lace Top Opaque Thigh High Stockings, $5,

Steal her style with these sugary sweet stockings from Amazon.

Loverdose: Glitter Heart Headband, $8,

Of course this outfit would not be complete without a heart headband! This sparkly, pink one will match Perry's glittering eye makeup and bedazzled nails.

Ninety Nine Shoes, $175,

These heart-melting ice cream shoes are just perfect for this Katy Perry outfit. Plus, they're just so unbelievably quirky and irresistible. If I had a pair of these shoes, I would never take them off. Ever.

The Cookie Girl Scout

Isn't this the most adorable outfit in the world? Ms. Perry has taken the whole Girl Scout cookie uniform to the next level.

Katty Scuba Box Pleat Skater Skirt, $12,

Wear pleats-a-plenty like Perry in this pleated skater skirt.

Sheer Panel Shirt, $15,

Pair with a short-sleeved white shirt like this sheer one from SimplyBe.

Official GS Brownie Sash (X-Long), $7,

If you're not much of a crafter, you can purchase an authentic girl scout sash to start collecting your badges!

Unisex Wool Beret, $24,

If you're a super seamstress, you could sew some felt "chips" onto your beige beret. If you're not entering a sewing bee anytime soon, why not grab a fabric pen and draw some chocolate chips on your cookie beret?

Extraordinarily Longer Thigh High In "Tan," $20,

Complete your cookie-themed outfit with over the knee, beige socks.

The Scarlet Siren

In one of her most iconic outfits in "California Gurls," Perry is seen dressed in a sequined, red two-piece complete with cream bra blasters.

iB-iP Womens Sequin Boyshorts Panty, $12,

Copy Perry in these pillar box red, sequin hot pants and sizzle on the beach this summer.

Snack Bar Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Red, $90,

Invest in this delectable two-piece for the upcoming swim season and pair the candy striped bikini top with your sparkly shorts to transform into a "California Gurl."

Marabou Bow White/Red Stripe Over The Knee Stockings, $15,

Although slightly different to Perry's red, PVC stockings, these candy cane stockings couldn't be any sweeter!

The Sugar Daddy

If you fancy yourself as the next overlord of the Candy Land board game, channel Snoop Dogg in an all-over sweet print.

Candy Liquorice Print Top and Shorts Co-ord, $40,

This two-piece is fit for any candy lover. Dress it up with a pastel colored blazer to give your outfit a formal feel like Snoop Dogg's sharp suit.

Choose your favorite candy girl style and turn yourself into a sweet treat for the eyes. Ah, life is delicious!

Images: emimusic/YouTube (9); Courtesy Brands