Panache "Modelled By Role Models" Campaign Uses Fierce Role Models To Show Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

There's more than one way to define beauty. According to Huffington Post, Panache's "Modelled by Role Models" campaign stars real life, well, role models. The ad features six talented women, who each live incredible lives, from running multiple marathons to starting their own health campaigns. These ladies represent true beauty inside and out.

According to the website, Panache believes "change in the world only happens through individuals leading, inspiring and influencing." The lingerie line hopes to show women a healthy and positive approach to body image by highlighting models who are confident in their own skin. With their strong self-confidence and amazing backstories, there is no denying how truly inspiring these women are.

The campaign's accompanying video features Marquita Pring, one of the co-founders of ALDA, who illustrates all the different facets of her personality. She's everything from a basketball player to a lingerie model and many personas in between, and this video helps her showcase all the reasons that she has to love herself. Pring prides herself on the fact that there's more to her physical appearance, and inspires others to believe the same.

Each of the six role models are all beautiful in their own ways, from their wide array of accomplishments to their body types. The ad campaign shows that every body in beautiful, and these women pride themselves on their inner and outer beauty, making them the perfect picks for real life role models. Meet them all below!

Amy Hughs

Hughs is a sports therapist who has run 53 consecutive marathons in 2014. She prides herself on her accomplishments and believe that "if you want something than believe in it and go and get it."

Hannah Crockcroft

Crockcroft is a paralympian who broke her first record in 2010 and, according to the Panache website, remains one of the UK's most cherished sports ambassadors today.

Marquita Pring

Pring is one of the co-founders of ALDA, a group that inspires others to believe that all bodies are beautiful. She's been modeling since she was 15 and stands for diversity in the modeling industry.

Martyna Kaczmarek

As a Day of Life campaigner, this Polish role model has organized blood drives across her entire country. She is only 19-years-old, but feels honored to be a female role model that inspires the younger generations.

Mica Paris

At the age of 17, Paris was already started her professional singing career. She is also an ambassador for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and a supporter of the "No Means No" equality movement.

Rachel Elliot

Elliot is a nurse who has taken on the challenge of fighting Ebola. She stepped up to the table and used her talents to help the greater good, something that makes her a true female role model.

There's no doubt that these stand-out women were the perfect picks for Panache's truly unique campaign.

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