Thomas Ravenel's Most Infuriating Comments To Kathryn Dennis On 'Southern Charm' Will Make You Scream

"The relationship is over." That's what the final words of Thomas Ravenel's break-up post to Kathryn Dennis was on Facebook. Yeah, a 53-year-old senatorial candidate broke up with the mother of his daughter on Facebook. First, he raises the roof in a political ad, and now this? I'm seriously concerned T-Rav doesn't know what decade it is. Regardless, Thomas has said some infuriating things to Kathryn on Southern Charm , and now that the relationship is finally over, it seems right to round up those, because Thomas deserves to be called out.

Thomas and Kathryn have been on and off since Day One. For those that knew from the beginning that Kathryn was way better off without Thomas, watching their relationship go down in flames was torture, especially because of the things that Thomas said to Kathryn. Here's a man who is supposedly owning up to his past indiscretions, yet when it comes to his partner and mother of his child, he says things that are so disrespectful, degrading, and patronizing, it leaves me screaming at my television. Thomas, you might know how to talk to the masses for your political career, but you do not know how to talk to or about Kathryn.

Here are some of the most infuriating things Thomas has said to Kathryn on Southern Charm.

1. "She's A Liability."

OK, T-Rav. Yeah, Kathryn is the liability in your campaign and your political career. Sure...

2. "I Appreciate Your Support And Your Tone Of Voice..."

Hey, Mr. Sarcasm. Let's lighten up on the facetiousness. How condescending can you possibly be when you just broke up with Kathryn via Facebook and she comes to support your political disaster.

3. "Somehow My Mother Was Always Able To Get Dinner On The Table For Us To Eat, I Just Expect Somebody To Come Close To That Standard."

He said this in a talking head while she was changing Kensington's diaper. How dare she?

4. “Be Supportive Of Me, Not To Argue And Fight With Me Every Single Night.”

Yeah, it's all Kathryn's fault. She was so unsupportive during the campaign and didn't try to help at all (see: below).

5. “Just Show Up, I'll Handle All The Details.”

Thomas said this to Kathryn when she offered to help with his dinner party announcing his campaign. She just wants to help, she just wants to be a part of his life... He doesn't want to give her that.

6. "Who Else Did I Leave Out?"

When giving a speech at a political gathering, Thomas simply didn't mention Kathryn — and she was sitting right there. It was incredibly disrespectful, and Cameran summed it up when she said "thank your baby's mama!"

7. “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong.”

When Thomas showed Kathryn what he had been up to all day (dancing with young, hip women and raising the roof) she became angry that he was doing that instead of helping her with the baby. When she asked for an apology, he wouldn't own up to it, even saying she overreacted.

Let's hope Thomas leaves these types of comments at home next to all of his yard signs and "Thomas Ravenel" buttons from his campaign... Because there's really no need for them.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Giphy (7)