8 Celeb Pairs Who Only Went On One Or Two Dates, Because Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be

Celebrity couples seem to come and go day by day, but some relationships last a much shorter time than others. And by a much shorter time, I mean for only one or two dates. If it wasn't for paparazzi evidence and some outgoing stars who were willing to divulge the details of their short-lived romances, we may never have even heard about some blips on Hollywood's love radar.

Let's face it, it's just as interesting to hear about those romances that could have been as it is to hear about the loves that truly bloomed. After all, some things are just not meant to be, and it is always intriguing to explore why people might not have been a good match. Perhaps Nick Lachey had enough of the cameras after his highly publicized failed marriage with Jessica Simpson, and could not handle Kim Kardashian's hunger for fame. Maybe Rihanna's bad gal Instagram antics were just not poetic and artistic enough for Shia LaBeouf.

Aside from analyzing why things did not work out, it is also fun to speculate about what could have been (Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong? What?!), so here is a round up of some of the most interesting, shocking, and downright weird couplings that only lasted about five minutes.

1. Nick Lachey & Kim Kardashian

Once upon a time in 2006, Nick Lachey went on a date with Kim Kardashian — and about a million cameras. The 98 Degrees singer implied during a 2013 interview with Details that the paparazzi photos of them were part of Kardashian's rise into fame: "Let’s just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside."

2. Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Poor Jimmy Fallon! As Nicole Kidman revealed in January this year, Fallon unknowingly blew his chance to go out with her. When she appeared on his show, the actress divulged that they had been set up by a friend, but he did not seem to realize that it was a proper date, so there was, of course, no follow up. Cue all the face palms!

3. Rihanna & Shia LaBeouf

In 2007, Hollywood's favorite pasty-wearing bad gal and the guy who wore a paper bag on his head went out to eat together in Beverly Hills. Both have confirmed that it did not work out. It is not hard to imagine why.

4. Oprah Winfrey & Roger Ebert

Oprah Winfrey and film critic Roger Ebert went on two dates together back in the '80s. While it might not have worked out for them romantically, Ebert was able to convince Winfrey to go into syndication. So hey, at least it wasn't a total waste of time!

5. Madonna & Tupac Shakur

In March 2015, Madonna casually informed Howard Stern that she briefly dated the late, great rapper Tupac Shakur in 1994. The Queen of Pop said, "He got me all riled up about life in general." She did not specify how long it lasted, but seeing as it just now became public knowledge, it would not be surprising if it was a super short courtship.

6. Tyra Banks & Seal

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What the what? Yes, this duo stepped out together only once as a couple, at a 1996 Essence event. You have to admit, even though it did not last long, they did make quite a pretty pair.

7. Kristen Bell & Matthew Morrison


Bell confessed to Us Weekly that she dated Morrison briefly while both stars were enrolled at NYU. And get this — he's still one of her favorite parts of Glee! Well, at least there are no hard feelings, right?

8. Ashley Olsen & Lance Armstrong

The pair made headlines for getting for getting close at the Grammercy Hotel in New York back in 2007, especially since Olsen was only 21 at the time and Armstrong was 15 years her senior. Can you imagine what would have gone down between them after the catastrophe that was Armstrong's scandal? Yikes!

Image: Getty Images