'The Catch' Recasts Bethany Joy Lenz's Characters, So Here Are 7 Actresses Who Would Totally Rock In The Role

If you're anything like me, you spent a great deal of your teenage years obsessed with several teens in the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. From the moment One Tree Hill premiered on The WB, Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Hayley and Nathan became my fictional BFFs. Therefore, I was super excited when I saw Bethany Joy Lenz in Shonda Rhimes’ new show The Catch . Lenz played Haley-James Scott on One Tree Hill, and she was slated to play Zoe on The Catch, the wife of a man who is conning the main character.

Unfortunately, Lenz revealed that the series is seeking “a different type” to play her character. A consummate professional, Lenz is still super excited about The Catch and her work in it. She is urging her fans to still tune in to the show, saying, “it really is SUCH a good show and I’m so proud of my friends’ work!” Though recasting isn’t unusual in the entertainment industry (remember when Fifty Shades of Grey had to be recast when Charlie Hunnam pulled out), it's still a major bummer for One Tree Hill lovers like myself, who would have loved to see Lenz back on television.

Still, the show must go on, especially since we know that anything coming from Shondaland is going to be epic. Here are seven actresses who would totally rock as Zoe.

1. Hilarie Burton


Who better to replace Bethany Joy Lenz then her fellow One Tree Hill alum? Burton would be amazing in the role, especially since, after leaving OTH, we've watched Burton give Matt Bomer a run for his money in White Collar.

2. Nikki Reed

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I was first introduced to Nikki Reed in her debut film Thirteen (2003), when she played a super sassy teen. Though Reed hasn't done much TV work since her ventures on The O.C., it would be amazing to see her on the small screen again.

3. Bianca Lawson

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beyoncé's new step sister is flawless, and she's been in the acting game for over twenty-years. (She was Kendra in Buffy!) Recently, Lawson had some screen-time on Chicago P.D. However, The Catch would be an amazing role for the television veteran.

4. Nina Dobrev


We all know The Vampire Diaries alum can be super sadistic (Katherine was terrifying), so I know she could completely embody a conniving con-woman.

5. Nicole Beharie

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I'm not sure what's happening on Sleepy Hollow, but Beharie definitely needs more screen time than she's getting. The Catch would be a perfect move for her.

6. Jurnee Smollett-Bell

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We recently saw Smollett-Bell on HBO's True Blood. Her big brother is currently stealing our hearts as Jamal on Fox's Empire. Two siblings kicking butt on TV would be amazing, and Smollett-Bell would be an incredible addition to Shondaland.

7. Jessica Szohr


The Gossip Girl alum was always one of my favorites on the show. Since leaving the show, she's been on the big screen including, The Internship (2013). I'm sure we would all give Szohr a warm welcome back to network television if she was cast on The Catch.

Though we don't know yet who will replace Bethany Joy Lenz, you can still watch her in the trailer for The Catch:

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