Here's How To Spot A Fellow 'PLL' Fan

There are many incredible TV shows out there, but until you've experienced the glorious and agonizing pain that comes with being a Pretty Little Liars fan, you have no idea what true obsession is. Whether it's trying to find out who Charles DiLaurentis really is or racking our brains over the next big anagram clue, it's like we've all become professional investigators, determined to solve one giant mystery after the next. If PLL theories are a drug, then consider us all heavily addicted. For hardcore fans, this series is more than just a binge-watching pleasure, but an actual way of life. It's an undeniable bond that we all share, which is a big part of what makes a diehard PLL fan so easy to spot if you know what to look for.

In fact, they exhibit similar traits that we've come to recognize in ourselves. Did you use to enjoy camping, but have somehow developed a crippling fear of the woods? Then you're probably a PLL fan. Do you get anxious and nervous every time you see someone wearing a red coat? Boom. PLL fan. Sure, it's not an exact science or anything, but when it comes to spotting a member of the Liars community, there are certain signs you can search for as a way to help pinpoint a fellow obsessor in the crowd. For example…

They Have Major Trust Issues

Are you A? Are they A? Am I A? (Believe me, we feel your pain.)

All Of Their A's Are CApitAlized

When you obsess over a single letter of the alphabet as much as PLL fans do, it's almost impossible not to have it standout even throughout your normal, everyday writing regime. So if you see someone who has the hAbit of cApitAlizing All of their A's in A sentence, chAnces Are they're a dedicAted member of the A gAme.

They Flinch At The Sight Of Black Leather Gloves

Similar to the red coat I mentioned earlier, black leather gloves are another PLL trigger that represents A and his minions. So anyone who looks uneasy around this specific item of clothing, more than likely knows all too well the terror it's associated with.

They're A Master Of Anagrams

Most PLL fans have a master's degree in anagrams at this point. Seriously, if Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had come out after this series, you better believe most of these viewers would've figured out that Tom Marvolo Riddle was an anagram for "I am Lord Voldemort." So if you ever see someone rearranging the letters of words on a piece of paper, odds are you've just bumped into a fellow Rosewood lover.

They Are Unreachable On A Tuesday Night

Because skipping an episode would be out of the question. So unless you're going out to meet an actual member of the cast, your Tuesday nights are on full social lockdown from 8-9 p.m.

Their Ringtone Is The PLL Theme Song

You better lock it in your pocket that this fellow viewer plans on taking their obsession to the grave.

Their Wardrobe Is On Fleek

This show sets the bar pretty high when it comes to incredible wardrobes. So it's only natural that fans of the series try to mimic these Liars however they can in order to up their ensemble game.

Synchronized Texting Freaks Them Out

It's rare, but every so often you'll receive a text at the exact same time someone else around you does, whether it be on a subway, bus, or what have you. And even though you know it's (probably) just a coincidence, you can't help but experience one quick second of pure horror at the thought that it could be A. You know that look and you'd be able to recognize it anywhere.

They Look Exhausted

But hey, that's bound to happen when you find yourself falling down yet another PLL Tumblr rabbit hole. We've all been there.

They Have Unrealistic Expectations About Love

Can you blame them, though? Thanks, PLL, for ruining all of our future relationships for life.

They're The Life Of Any Party

Because, basically, what it all comes down to is one simple fact: PLL fans = awesome human beings.

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