'The Scorch Trials' Trailer Is Amazing

If you were completely blown away by the first Maze Runner film, then buckle down and try not to become completely unnerved while watching the first trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the upcoming film based off the second book in James Dashner's dystopian young adult trilogy. From one moment to the next, the nearly two-minute teaser seamlessly incorporates all the right elements of an action film. There are moments of extreme intensity, suspense and mystery all at the same time.

It opens with a couple of flashbacks from the first Maze Runner film, in which the main character Thomas (played by Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien) recalls escaping the Maze, while an eerie voiceover presumably belonging to someone from the sinister WCKD declares the Maze trials "a complete success." Meanwhile, Thomas still laments over witnessing the deaths of some of his friends.

But don’t get all comfy with this reminiscing, because this is where any semblance of calm completely vanishes. The Gladers discover that things aren’t exactly what they seem. It is then that they decide to band together with some equally doubtful resistance fighters to get to the bottom of things, and, hopefully, escape with their lives intact.

If you'll recall, the first installment of The Maze Runner performed extremely well at the box office, and this Scorch Trials trailer

is nothing short of amazing, so here's to hoping the followup achieves equal or greater success.

Let's take a look at nine of the best moments from the trailer.

Flashback of The Maze

Because you can't know where you're going without knowing where you came from, even if what you thought you knew turns out to be a lie.

The First Glimpse of The Scorch

Phase Two of the trials is basically desert hell on Earth.

Thomas Has a Flashback About the First Maze

As if it wasn't nightmarish enough, he still has to face the Scorch.

Thomas Discovering That His Friends May Not Have Escaped The Maze

Wait, so did Thomas' friends make it through the first maze or not? Who knows, but this mad scientist lab setup looks way creepy.

The Rebellion Begins

When the Gladers and a group of resistance fighters take a stand against Aiden Gillan, the apparent Scorch leader, it's such a moment of pure badassery that it can't even be described using real words.

This Narrow Escape

Or is it? It's unclear whether Thomas manages to escape, but this is definitely a major heart-stopping moment.

When the Gladers Finally Lay Eyes Upon The Scorch

Apparently, they cannot handle the dune-filled apocalypse that lies before them, but who could blame them?

Guns, A Scary Fall and an Explosion

Seriously, this is way too much insane action packed into one trailer.

Someone's Life Hangs In the Balance

Just when it looked like things couldn't get any crazier, this happens.

Thanks, Maze Runner trailer, for nearly giving me a heart attack. The Gladers won't be the only ones struggling to make it to the end of this movie.

Check out the full Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer below:

Images: 20th Century Fox (10)