If Meryl Streep Played Hillary Clinton In A Movie, Here's What Her Best Scenes Would Look Like

Last year when deciding who would play her in a movie, Hillary Clinton said she would pick Meryl Streep "of course." Of course is dead on. Who better to play Clinton than the glamorous, sophisticated, all-around-wonderful Streep? They're both poised, talented, and unstoppable humans that I would gladly accept as my surrogate grandma (sorry, Merle). But what would it look like if Streep played Clinton? I know some moments in Clinton's life that the actress could absolutely nail.

If this were to actually happen, it would blow the news about Natalie Portman playing the Notorious RBG (and Jackie O, for that matter) out of the water. From the moment Meryl and Hill posed for the selfie to end all selfies together, I knew this union would one day bring peace and prosperity to the nations. Or at least make me fangirl like I've never fangirl'd before.

But let's hold off on the movie for now, Hollywood. If all goes according to plan, Clinton's going to be busy for the next better part of the next decade, adding plenty of accomplishments that would make cinematic gold. But from her days as first lady to her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton already has plenty of movie-worthy moments.

The Gennifer Flowers mic drop

Bill has, for better or worse, been the catalyst of a few of Clinton's biggest moments. But this first shutdown in 1992 was one for the books. The couple sat down for a 60 Minutes interview that aired after that year's Super Bowl to answer questions about Bill's alleged 12-year affair with Arkansas state employee Gennifer Flowers. Clinton dropped this bomb:

You know, I'm not sitting here — some little woman standin’ by my man like Tammy Wynette. I'm sitting here because I love him, and I respect him, and I honor what he's been through and what we've been through together. And you know, if that's not enough for people, then heck, don't vote for him.

I'd love to hear Streep tap into the Arkansas twang to rip naysayers a new one. She's had experience in acting with accents (and sass), so I think she could take this one with aplomb.

Texting Hillary

I was devastated when Clinton dropped her famous texting photo from her Twitter profile. Who wears sunglasses inside of a military plane? WHO? Hillary Clinton does. And I know from her Devil Wears Prada role that Streep can also confidently pull off the stone-faced-in-dark-shades look.

The 2008 primaries

Clinton went from the "inevitable candidate" in the 2008 elections to conceding the primary race completely. It was a crushing defeat, but it was one that she handled with class and dignity. I think this could be the one musical number in the movie — a reenactment of Mamma Mia's "The Winner Takes it All" scene where Streep is just slaying with her sadness to a listening Pierce Brosnan (Barack Obama, obvi).

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