Top 10 Picks For David Letterman's Top 10 List

by Rachel Semigran

David Letterman has been a part of the talk show world for well over three decades and, on Wednesday night, David Letterman's final show will end the legendary host's tenure. Over the years, Letterman has introduced us to Stupid Human and Stupid Pet Tricks, the Hello Deli, Will it Float?, Is this Anything?, and, his most famous bit of all, the Top 10 List. Before the Internet had memes and gifs of people falling down, David Letterman knew that keeping lists short and sweet was a perfect formula for comedy. Throughout The Late Show's run, the Top 10 has been a staple of late night comedy, and has featured some incredible guests, including United States Presidents, rock and roll legends, and Hollywood's finest actors — all of whom David Letterman convinced to say some ridiculous things on national television.

What I adore about the Top 10 is the way Letterman interjects his own commentary after each item. His delivery is dry, sharp, and uniquely endearing. The Top 10 is where I get to see Letterman really riff, and he's got the kind of chops that few comedians ever have. There was something rebellious about Letterman's blend of comedy, and the Top 10 was a testament to that — it was as edgy, subversive, and smart as much as it was downright silly.

Here are the Top 10 of David Letterman's Best Top 10 Lists.

#10 — Mitt Romney

Letterman never strayed from politics on his show — and he gave everyone a hard time, no matter what their party affiliation.

#9 — Foo Fighters

Sentimental and hilarious. Letterman is a huge Foo Fighters' fan, and has supported the band since they started out. They were also his first musical guests after recovering from his heart surgery. This is a very special Top 10 for many reasons.

#8 — Homer Simpson for President

Because Homer Simpson SHOULD be President.

#7 — Snoop Dogg

Even next to Snoop Dogg, Letterman is still cooler than almost everyone.

#6 — John Malkovich

The yin to Snoop Dogg's yang.

#5 — Pacino & De Niro

It's two of the greatest living actors dead-panning jokes about pudding. It's everything Letterman and The Late Show stood for.

#4 — Sopranos

You know it's good when this many serious actors are so tickled on air.

#3 — California Names

Bless the intern who did this research, for you are the founding father of Internet humor.

#2 — Barack Obama

It's a relief to know that our President hasn't lost his sense of humor since the first election.

#1 — The Very First Top 10

It's so simple and spot on. The Top 10 grew from words that almost rhyme with peas to platforms for presidential hopefuls. Well done, Mr. Letterman, you'll always be my No. 1 host.