Miley Cyrus Writes Song For Dead Blowfish

by Arielle Dachille

Most people would tell you that it's difficult to establish a pet/pet owner bond with a fish. Miley Cyrus is not one of those people. At least, judging from the tearful song that Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her dead fish, it would appear that she was WAY more attached to her water-dwelling pet than you ever were to any of yours.

As Us Weekly reports, Cyrus' blowfish, Pablow, passed away in early February of unknown causes. To the best of my knowledge, a fish autopsy was never performed. Because Cyrus really feels her feelings over her deposed pets, she got a tattoo of happy-looking Pablow three months ago, after he died, to go alongside her tattoo for her dog who died, Floyd.

Translating her sadness into art, Milez shared a requiem for Pablow on Monday via Facebook. "If I could do it again, I'd release you to sea/ 'Cause I can't bear to see something so wild die in a tank," she sings. She also gets lyrical about her newfound aversion to sushi, and really punches you in the heart with the line, "Why does everything I love have to die?" YIKES.

During the song's climax, as she makes peace with Pablow swimming on to the big ocean in the sky, Miley starts lightly weeping. Sometimes we just need to cry it out.

Meanwhile, between the ages of five and seven, I lost no less than six goldfish and barely felt anything when I laid each one of them to rest with minimal dignity in my septic tank. That said, being that I was a child, I took horrible care of every one of them, and they all died very early deaths. Perhaps I've just seen so much goldfish death in my life that I'm desensitized to it. But am I a monster for not being a better fish mother/grieving my fish more intensely/writing emotional dirges for all my goldies? With all due respect, Miley is kinda making me feel that way. However, I'm pretty sure if I talked to eighty percent of fish owners, I would feel just like a normal person with an average attachment level to my deposed fish.