8 Vanessa Carlton Lyrics That Were Totally About John Mayer (I Bet You Forgot They Dated, Too)

Is there any memory that is more representative of the early '00s than driving down the road with the windows down, laughing with your friends as Vanessa Carlton blares from the speakers? This might come as a surprise to you, but Vanessa Carlton may have been crooning songs about John Mayer over the radio all these years and you didn't even know it. Here are 8 Vanessa Carlton Lyrics that are totally about John Mayer just in case you don't believe me.

You may have forgotten that America's favorite heartbreaker, John Mayer, once dated the songstress of our adolescence, none other than Vanessa Carlton herself. Mayer and Carlton dated for over a year and, through a careful inspection of her music, I have found many notable occurences which suggest that Carlton may have written these songs with Mayer in mind. Or they could totally not be John Mayer related at all, but that not as fun of a premise for an article.

Vanessa Carlton's music was more than just the soundtrack to your 2003 summer. It also carried secret messages of emotional trauma from her past relationships. Who would blame her? I would write angsty chick jams too if I'd dated John Mayer.

Amongst the many women that John Mayer has dated lies Vanessa Carlton. Vanessa Carlton's few hits, then, undoubtedly have to be subconsciously aimed at John Mayer because what else would you write an angsty teen pop song about after you've dated the charming bad boy of the music world?

Though Carlton is now happily married to John McCauley, I can't help but pine for the couple that was, as Vanessa Carlton and John Mayer are, quite simply, the vision of my early '00s childhood dreams.

"Starin' blankly ahead/ Just makin' my way/ Makin' a way through the crowd"- "A Thousand Miles"

She can't bear to look at anyone else because all she sees when she looks someone in the eyes is John's gaze staring back at her.

"I walk the streets with a song in my head/ We ebb and we flow so/ Got my toes on my pup at the foot of my bed/ My heart always seems to know"- "Nolita Fairtyale"

From Carlton's lesser-known "Nolita Fairytale," these lyics could be used as proof that she is indeed still pining over John Mayer. "I walk the streets with a song in my head" and we know exactly whose song you're listening to, Vanessa.

"Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles/If I could just see you, tonight"- "A Thousand Miles"

The notorious song of our childhood, "A Thousand Miles" was also the anthem of recent heartbreak. For V. Carlz, perhaps this was her ode to the King of Heartbreak himself, Mr. John Mayer.

"I’ve always loved you, haven’t always loved you right/ I had no direction/ I had no clear sight/ But now that I’m older and I’ve moved through the times/I wanna love you and I wanna love you right"- "Young Heart"

Vanessa knows she made mistakes in the past but with the wisdom that comes along with age, Vanessa realizes what she had was a beautiful thing.

"And as he asked if I would come along/ I started to realize/That everyday he finds/Just what he's looking for/Like a shooting star he shines"- "Ordinary Day"

This lyric from a girlhood classic certainly points towards John. Mayer is Carlton's ultimate shooting star.

"And as I looked up into those eyes/ His vision borrows mine/ And I know he's no stranger/ For I feel I've held him for all of time"- "Ordinary Day"

Only time will heal Vanessa's broken heart.

"I know the seasons, they change for a reason/ But I can’t tell spring, summer, winter apart/ ‘Cause my eyes see one colour, my mouth tastes one taste/ All of the beauty and nuance you take"- "Young Heart"

Vanessa's got Mayer on the mind.

"We gave each other up so easily/ These silly little wounds will never mend/ I feel so far from where I've been"- "White Houses"

Longing for what could have been.

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