American Eagle Will Expand Internationally To Greece, South Korea, And Singapore, Taking The World By Retail Storm

Middle school Eliza was all about low rise jeans, layered colored polos, and jean skirts, all thanks to American Eagle. Like truly, you weren't cool if you didn't shop from the trifecta: American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostale. That said, awkward sixth grade me would've been excited for the news that American Eagle is expanding internationally to Greece, South Korea, and Singapore.

The stores in South Korea and Singapore are set to launch in mid-2015, while the stores in Greece will be opening in the fall. Along with American Eagle, the company plans on opening Aerie, allowing for shoppers to snag some intimates as well.

American Eagle currently has stores in 28 different countries, opening their first Canadian store in 2001, then expanding to Puerto Rico, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, Russia, Poland, and more. In 2013, they opened up their first store in the Philippines. Just last year, American Eagle expanded to the United Kingdom as well.

Simon Nankervis, executive vice president of global commercial operations, told WWD, “We look forward to bringing our casual American style and iconic American Eagle Outfitters jeans brand as well as Aerie intimates to new customers." This current fiscal year, American Eagle plans on opening around 40 new stores, according to WWD. Looks like we'll be seeing the flying eagle logo ubiquitously.

While the website does ship to 81 countries, it's a different experience all in its own to step into a store, try on sizes, and see how a fabric fits and moves. Thanks to this expansion, shoppers in South Korea, Greece, and Singapore will have that opportunity. Let the shopping commence!