Photos Prove That Biology Doesn't Make A Family

“Blood is thicker than water,” is one of the biggest lies we’re told from an early age. Family is not limited to blood, and family is definitely not limited to biology. Anna Larson proves this in a photo series featuring the inseparable bond between her two daughters. Though the two girls were born in different parts of the world, they share a close connection that she has been documenting through a series of photos of a biological and adopted sister that prove what really makes a family.

“They are their own individuals with very different personalities, yet I see so many similarities because of their closeness. Two souls birthed on opposites sides of the world were brought together through adoption and they’re now inseparable. I plan to continue photographing them just as they are, and allowing this series to grow organically with them. It’s not skin that makes us different, or that causes separation and distance…no, it’s a lack of unity. When we grow beside another, our similarities bloom,” Larson said.

Larson, who is a mother of three, photographs her children daily. “My passion for this art is in photographing stories of birth and family. Each moment is life, and having images that remind us of the details within our stories is such a wonderful gift.” Her daughters' names are Semenesh and Haven.

Images: _anna_christine/Instagram