This Is The Best Idea Ever, Amy Schumer

Pardon my exuberance, but this is the best freaking idea ever: Amy Schumer is on The Bachelorette this season and I cannot wait. The 2015 Bachelorette promo reel spoiled Schumer's appearance — and by "spoiled" I mean "got me so psyched I can't even deal" — proving that the folks at The Bachelor get it. Jimmy Kimmel worked so well on Chris Soules' season that they decided to bring another funny person to The Bachelorette, only they gave a hilarious woman the stage this time. Hell. Yeah.

But while I do just want to see Schumer pop up on all of my favorite shows (I'm looking at you, Broad City), this pairing is exciting for so many reasons. Her involvement proves that for all its cheesy music and declarations about journeys to love, The Bachelorette does understand its audience. There are those fans who ardently believe in its messages about love and truth and taking the big leap and there are those of us who know that this is a bananas social experiment that continues to get interesting, intriguing people involved in its game.

What's more, is it proves that the show gets Kaitlyn: This is the woman who showed up to Chris Soules' season with a dirty joke right out of the gate. She's no standup comedian, but something tells me that her knock-knock joke about two bachelorettes being a joke would play well with Schumer.

Plus, it never hurts to get a feminist icon involved in the long-running reality series. And if all goes well, she'll indulge us in a little parody action. We all know she's great at it:

Yeah, homegirl's got this in the bag.