Britt Will Be Back On 'The Bachelorette' Next Week, So She Could Still Find True Love

Admittedly, I was never really #TeamBritt, but I still found myself sad that Britt Nilsson was so quickly sent home on The Bachelorette after Kaitlyn won the position. It seemed unfair to have teased her with all the possibilities only to rip it all away from her hours later. But all hope isn't lost, because Britt will still be on The Bachelorette — for one more week at least. As we saw on Tuesday's episode, Brady left the competition to go see if he could make things work with Britt. Now, Britt says that we'll see the result of that conversation on Monday, May 25.

Britt confirmed on her Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that Brady did find her. Chris Harrison, the ultimate wingman, directed him to her hotel room. It was there they had a conversation, which we'll see on next week's episode. Is the surprise visit warmly received? Do Britt and Brady start dating? Will the show check in periodically with them to see how they're doing? Unfortunately Britt wasn't allowed to say. (But if you're into spoilers, there are some.)

Honestly, I'm glad Britt's journey to love wasn't completely cut short. She may not have had the opportunity to date 25 men on the show, but she and Brady did have an instant connection. Maybe there's a chance that their night one bond can turn into something real. We'll just have to watch and find out.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC