A DIY Moisturizer Spray That'll Keep Your Entire Body Soft All Summer Long

Have you ever gone to put on lotion after a shower only to feel the squeak of spreading creams on already dry skin? There is a right way to moisturize and a wrong way, and sealing in dampness from the shower is easiest with a DIY spray-on moisturizer.

If you live in a dry climate or aren’t speedy about your slathering, you could be allowing all that precious shower water to leave your skin and re-enter the atmosphere! The first thing to understand if you want to be moisturizing correctly is that there are two types of moisturizers: humectant and occlusive. Humectant moisturizers use ingredients such as glycerin, honey, aloe, hydrosols, and water itself to force more H2O molecules into the skin. These moisturizers are emulsions of oils, butters, and watery ingredients and are usually creamy or watery in texture. They penetrate the skin to deliver any active ingredients.

Occlusive moisturizers create a physical barrier between the skin and the atmosphere, so using an occlusive moisturizer to seal in a humectant one gives you twice the skin-softening power. Occlusive moisturizers are buttery and thick in consistency and made from oils and plant butters that can’t fully soak into the skin. If you are a body oil or butter user, the bad news is you could be just coating your skin. If you use lotion, you're missing that occlusive aspect to really seal in moisture. The good news? This cheap and simple DIY can give you a moisture boost and close pores after a hot shower, keeping your skin in pristine condition.

What You Need

  • Witch Hazel
  • Rosewater
  • Glycerin
  • Clean spray bottle


  • Funnel
  • Bartender’s jigger

How To Make Your Moisturizer

The formula is 20 percent glycerin, 20 percent witch hazel, and 60 percent rosewater, so the actual amounts depend on how much you want to make. The smaller the batch the better, as any DIY with water should be kept refrigerated or used within 2 weeks if using hydrosols like rosewater. I'm using a one ounce bottle below.

Start by pouring glycerin into the bottom of spray bottle.

Measure in the witch hazel.

Top off with rosewater and shake until mixed!

Spray away!

Mist this stuff all over your bod before applying your usual moisturizer. It will help lotions and serums spread easier or give you a humectant boost under an occlusive-type product. I stick mine in the fridge and use it to cool off during hot days. It works like a charm!

Images: Darnell Scott