Rita Ora Rocks Braided Bun In Throwback Pic, And We're Hoping The Style Comes Back For Good

Rita Ora's hair is in a constant state of evolution, never looking quite the same. The singer went and changed her hair again, rocking long, thin, and white blonde braids as of last week. Though the braids are gone now, Wednesday morning Rita Ora rocked a braided bun in a throwback photo saying she missed the plaits. Does this mean we'll be getting them back again soon?

Obviously, Rita borrowed the style from Beyonce, who did a huge braided beehive bun back in 2013 when she and Jay Z visited Cuba, amid some controversy, of course. Still, Bey's no-nonsense travel bun remains crazy memorable and Ora, who was discovered by The Hova, took her inspo from Queen Bey. How could she not?

Ora has already moved on from these braids, so while they were temporary, at least the "Poison" singer had fun with them and showed off their versatility while she had them. The girl certainly knows how to rock her amazing head of hair.

I have to say that Ora always keeps me guessing with her hair. Her styles are pitstops; brief moments of beauty before she quickly moves on to the next one.

There is the massive braided beehive.

Now let's see Beyonce's larger-than-life bun.

Clearly, Bey is the source of Ora's inspo. Bey's was bigger and so, so beautiful.

And this is what Ora looked like with the braids in free-flowing form, as opposed to a knot of braids. Heavy is the head that wears the crown... or a beehive of braids.

Images: Rita Ora/Instagram (2); AZOR Girl/Twitter (1)