Rob Lowe's Profile4Men Skincare Line Is Not Repackaged Women's Products, But I'll Still Try It

Rob Lowe is 51 and looks incredible, especially when he is poking fun at himself in those hilarious DirecTV commercials. Seriously, though, his skin appears baby smooth, whereas many of his peers look leathery and sun-damaged. Rob Lowe has launched Profile4Men, a skincare line, researched by a dude and made expressly for dudes, and while it won't make men look like Lowe, it will make 'em look their best.

And I can assure you that once I get my hands on Profile4Men products, which include cleansers and shaving stuff, I will try them on myself, even if Lowe insists they are not repackaged or reformulated from women's items.

In a chat with GQ, the boyishly handsome Lowe noted that he has always cared for his skin and that being a Hollywood actor meant that he "learned every trick of the trade," which he now wants to share with other men! It's like a bro beauty club of sorts.

Ironically, remember when Lowe played a cosmetic surgeon with immovable and obviously amended features in Behind the Candelabra, the Liberace movie?

As for Profile4Men, Lowe had a singular guiding principle. "It needed to be really, really easy, with no hassles," the actor said. "I think men deserve a line that's for them, that's not a repackaged version of a women's line." That won't stop me from testing it, though!

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Want a sneak peek at the packaging? Look down.

Here's what we know about the line, launching online shortly and this fall at Nordstrom, and why I'm game to get my hands on it.

1. Six Years


The range has been six (!!!) years in the making. "I've been using the prototypes for years now," he said. So it's time-tested. Lowe rolled up his sleeves and met with labs and finance folks. He called it his "second job." So you can trust what he says, since he's been there, done that.

2. He's Not Naturally Metro, Either


Lowe is not a natural metro, which is how I perceive, like, David Beckham. He is not a product person, either. He admitted he had to be told what to do and then it became routine. "But over the years of being frankly forced to do it, I've become a believer," he said.

3. This Eye Serum For Dudes Sounds Bangin'


Revive, Profile4Men's eye serum, is one of his fave products. He noted eye creams are products usually made for women, but that his male friends lack sleep and it shows in eye puffiness.

"That's job one: get that area under control," Lowe told GQ. "So I really wanted to find something— and ended up having to create it — that you can throw in your pocket, like a Chapstick, and carry it with you all the time. It's sort of like your secret weapon: you wake up, you hit your eye. You get on the train and commute in; right before you go in the office you hit it again. You're going out to lunch and want to get that little pop, you've been working a long half of a day, hit it again. And the same when you go home for dinner at night."


Whoa... that sounds like me with lip gloss or eyeliner or AM face cream. Sign me up for Revive. I'm going to try it ASAP.

Oh, and doesn't Lowe look like Ian Somerhalder's older bro? Right? Ian so needs to be Profile4Men's spokesmodel. His new wife Nikki Reed can test the stuff, too.

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