Watch 'Jurassic World' Stunts With Chris Pratt

By this point, the world knows it to be true: Chris Pratt is a near perfect human. He's hilarious, he's a great dad, a great husband to wife Anna Faris, appealing to the eyeballs, and apparently, he does his own stunts. With his role as lovable, Golden Retriever-esque Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, Pratt didn't have to do much physical activity, in fact, he recently revealed to GQ that he gained weight for the role. But when Pratt took a role in Zero Dark Thirty, he traded in his pudgy physique for a more toned look. And when he was cast as the lead in last summer's smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy , he transformed further, leaving us completely jaw-dropped over his chiseled bod. Both roles required more physically strenuous work, and with 2015's latest Jurassic Park installment, Jurassic World, Pratt proved he has what it takes to complete some of his own stunts, getting chased by mechanical dinosaurs and all.

In a new video that takes us behind the scenes of the jungle epic, we see the 35-year-old actor attempting some of the stunts for the film, including warming up, spitting a joke or two, and doing some seriously impressive squats in his safari get up. Here are the most impressive bits from the video — which you may be tempted to watch on repeat for the remainder of the day.

Pelvis Rotating Technique

Inspired by Elvis, made modern by Pratt.

High Kicking

Gotta get those leg juices pumping.

Higher Kicking

Once you standard leg kick, you graduate to almost-kicking-yourself-in-the-face leg kicking.

These Next-Level Squats

So spritely!

Getting Blown Away By An Explosion

Don't try this at home!

Using His Hands As Guns

Practice safe gun practices, like Pratt!

This Gravel-y Baseball Slide

And he's safe! (We hope).

An Expert Tumble

Stop, drop, and roll.

So Much Running

"According to my watch, I just ran 65 miles an hour," Pratt jokes.

Watch the full video below, and catch Jurassic World in theaters June 12.

Images: Warner Bros.; YouTube