This Is How Mozzarella Is Made, If You Can Get Through Watching It Without Salivating All Over Your Keyboard — VIDEO

Here at Bustle, we are very open about the fact that we love cheese. Grilled cheese, fried cheese, mac and cheese, cheese alone. Cheese is EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING IS CHEESE, and if I could live in a house made of cheddar and sleep on a bed of mozzarella with a feta duvet, I would, at least until I ate everything. And maybe the idea of so much cheese is making me a little delirious because that sentence didn’t even really make sense. So let’s take things down a notch and chill out with this hypnotizing video of how mozzarella is made in Italy because it is a beautiful, and it is about cheese, and that is all any of us could ever ask for.

The short film was shot at Caseificio Torricelle, an artisanal cheese maker based in Paestum, a village in southern Italy described in the video’s intro as “the mozzarella capital of the world” (I WANT TO GO TO THERE). The complex process begins at 2AM, when milk is heated with a bit of whey in a giant vat. Over a period of hours, the cheese is refined, before finally being cut into pieces to sell. Just look at this glistening, plump, mozzarella gorgeousness:

Seriously, I could watch this guy braid fresh cheese all day:

Watch the whole thing. (And then go find your self some delicious cheese, because you'll need it).

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