'Scream Queens' Trailer Features Emma Roberts Channeling Regina George With These 5 Stylish Looks

The much anticipated Scream Queens trailer has officially arrived, and it's even better than what I had imagined in my wildest dreams — brace yourselves, people, this one is really good. Finally, we get a sneak peek into the highly buzzed about horror-comedy, which pretty much looks like the scary version Mean Girls. And speaking of Mean Girls, Regina George appears to have provided some major fashion inspiration for lead actress Emma Roberts, who channels the high school villainess with her to-die-for wardrobe choices.

The trailer starts with Queen Bee of sorority Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts), greeting freshmen newbies with a welcoming "good evening, idiot hookers!" — sounds just like something Regina would say, doesn't it? Apart from embodying RG's hyper controlling attitude, Roberts dons a series of ultra girly yet fashion-forward ensembles that practically scream "I'm a Plastic!"

From feminine tweed skirt suits (because Chanel) with pearls to feathered dresses and sparkly belts, Roberts is dressed to kill — perhaps literally? — and totally captures the trendy vibes of the stylish and iconic high school bully. So let's take a look at five moments from the Scream Queenstrailer that clearly pay homage to Regina George and her awesome outfits.

1. Super Girly Matching Skirt & Top

So fetch.

2. Outfits That Resemble Animals

Channeling your inner spirit animal is totally in these days.

3. Pink & Black Combo

Oh so elegant.

4. All Pink Everything

Pink is more than a wardrobe color — it's like a religion for these two.

5. Girly Accents

The ultimate girly girls with a dark side.

Check out the full trailer below for all of the fashion-y goodness.

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