This 'Vampire Diaries' Theory Has Heretics Taking Advantage Of An Elena-Less Mystic Falls

This hiatus is killing me. Not only are all of my favorite shows in rerun land for the next four months (unacceptable), but all of the stars and crew are deep in production and planning. It’s heads-down time and there are precious few spoilers or plot revelations to sustain us. I do not love it. While we wait and analyze every cryptic tweet and mysterious Instagram post, the only thing left for us to do is theorize away about next season. With all the plot twists The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale left us with, there is plenty of material to obsess over. While I know that seeing Elena again is top of everyone’s mind, I am a little more concerned about what the Heretics are planning on The Vampire Diaries, and what fresh hell they've brought upon Mystic Falls.

That flash forward showed us a much spookier town. (It looked more like pre-Batman Gotham than anything else). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Elena disappears and the town goes down the tubes. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone melts down with Elena gone, allowing the Heretics take over. The devastation of the town, combined Damon’s broody new look, just proves that a lot can change in a short time when Elena is not around.

From the moment the Salvatore brothers came on the scene, Elena has been the glue holding everyone together. She's been key in rebuilding the damaged relationship between Damon and Stefan, and together with Bonnie, Caroline, and Tyler, they formed essentially a supernatural crisis-fighting team. They've stopped a lot of death and destruction from sweeping through town and the world (most of the time, every now and then they weren't so lucky), and without her around they might not be working so well together. After all, I'm sure that Damon would have killed and pissed off a lot more people if not for Elena.

If this theory is true, and everyone does go through a post-Elena breakdown, this would be the only foothold the Heretics need to take over. We know they are crazy powerful and have magic-vampire skills that should have everyone worried. If no one is around to stop them, why wouldn't they takeover the town? Hopefully everyone gets it together, because that future world looks like a pretty grim place for Elena to return to.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW (2)