8 Hair Mistakes You're Probably Making

by Emily McClure

Styling your hair can be such a challenge. But what about when your style just won't hold? No matter how much hairspray you use or how hard you beg, the style just falls to pieces. Don't give up just yet. There are several reasons on why that 'do may not stay. Hair has the ability to be transformed to all shapes and styles. Don't think about what you're doing wrong, but more about what you haven't tried. Every person's hair reacts to different triggers, and you need to make sure you know what to do with your particular hair type. Whether thick, thin, or somewhere in between, take a minute to discover your strands. Once you know what you are working with, you can assess how to make it work best for you.

We all have made the cardinal hair sins. We just may not have realized that we were doing it. Whether it is bleaching it weekly or using too much heat, we have all done something to make a hairdresser cringe. A professional can tell when your hair hasn't properly been taken care of, yet for the rest of us it can be hard to spot. Mismanaged hair can be impossible to style. If you haven't cut your hair in a while or even moisturized it, then you may be fighting a loosing battle with your hair. Here are a few reasons that hard earned hairstyle is not going to last.

1. You Haven't Had a Haircut In Forever

Look in the mirror. When was the last time you cut your hair? Months ago? Years ago? Over time, hair can become weighed down by itself. Too much hair can lead to split, frizzy ends. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with a stylist.

2. You're Using Too Much Heat

Just because your curling iron can go up to 300 degrees, doesn't mean that it should. Each hair type can only handle so much heat. While thicker hair can handle higher heat settings, fine hair cannot. Dial your heat tools to more appropriate settings in order for them to work properly.

3. You're Using Too Much Product

Imagine trying to bake a cake using everything in your fridge. It just isn't going to work. Same rules apply for your hair. You don't need hair primer, mousse, gel, and spray all at once. Find multi-tasking products to do the work for you without the weighing down your hair.

4. You're Dyeing Your Hair Too Frequently

Let your hair breathe. Hair dyes contain extremely harsh chemicals that can ruin your luscious locks. Over-dying hair can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. Talk to a hair stylist about the appropriate amount of time to wait in between treatments.

5. You Got The Wrong Cut

Did a stylist take a razor to your naturally springy curls? Did someone cut layers where they should never be? A bad cut can lead to a hair disaster. Make sure to research stylists in your area before committing to a radically new hairstyle.

6. You Skipped The Conditioner

Never underestimate the power of a good conditioner. Shampoo can be very damaging to hair, so make sure to replenish your hair's natural moisture with conditioner. Make sure to avoid products with heavy oils in order to get the perfect balance of moisture without having greasy hair.

7. You Just Washed Your Hair

Hairstyles usually work best on second day hair. Skip your normal shampoo and conditioning routine on days that you want to rock a perfect hairstyle.

8. You Keep Touching It

Your hands are full of oils and germs. If you keep raking your hands through your hair it's going to break up your style, and add more oils to the follicles. In short, keep your hands off of your hair.

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