Chelsea Clinton's New Book 'It's Your World' Will Inspire Younger Generations To Change The World

Chelsea Clinton will join her mother and father in the published author club — but no, she's not planning a memoir. (It's way better.) Clinton's new book It's Your World, aimed at children aged 10 to 14, will "inform and inspire" young people to "change the world," according to publisher Penguin Young Readers.

It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going will focus on today's pressing issues, including poverty and climate change, to inform the younger generations of what's going on in current day society and hopefully, inspire them to take action and make a change. The middle grade book will also share real-life stories of children and teenagers who are doing their part to contribute to their neighborhoods, cities, and even the world, according to Clinton's interview with People magazine. Clinton attributed her desire to write this book to the birth of her daughter Charlotte — who clearly inspired the royal baby's name choice, by the way. (JK.) She told People:

I wanted my daughter to grow up in a world where kids are informed about what's happening, feel empowered to make a difference and ultimately take action on issues they care about. Now, being a mom, somehow I care even more intensely about trying to make that happen.

As vice chair for the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea has worked across the globe for causes close to her heart, including building health systems and boosting economic opportunity in developing nations, fighting against climate change, and supporting women's rights around the world. But she says she has always cared about making a difference in the world:

That's the age [10 to 14] when I started tuning in more to issues I cared about and trying to make a difference. I loved the book 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth and remember wishing there were books like that on other issues I cared about. This book is my attempt to do that for kids today.

Jill Santopolo, executive editor of Philomel Books, reportedly reached out to Clinton after she spoke out regarding her father, Bill Clinton's, heart surgery on The Daily Show, hoping she'd be interested in writing a book for children. It's Your World is set to release September 15, and all proceeds will be donated to several different charities.