Silicon Valley Fashion Week Is Totally A Thing, Because Fashion And Tech Go Hand-In-Hand These Days

If you think that fashion and technology are mutually exclusive, think again. Last week, notorious tech hub Silicon Valley hosted a fashion week of its very own, proving that the two industries actually go hand-in-hand. The first thoughts that came to my mind were, "how the heck did this go down? Did tech startups just throw the latest version of their branded T-shirts down the runway? And who were the models anyway?"

This was no NYFW, folks, but it did manage to turn geek into chic.

Here's the deal: Betabrand, a clothing company known for clever functional apparel like The Suitsy (a business suit onesie), hosted the event in order to demonstrate how innovative technology can work its way into stylish modern fashion. The brained joined fashion-tech hybrid companies such as Misfit Wearables with local designers to co-create futuristic garments that capitalized on technological advances, yet still looked pretty rad, Business Insider reports.

According to New York Magazine, the finished pieces were then modeled by robots and drones that literally flew clothes down the runway. Yes, that actually happened. I'm not sure how they pulled that off, but it's pretty impressive.

Needless to say, the fashion was out of this world, ranging from LED vests to fiber optic dresses to 3D printed hats and everything in between, New York Magazine reports. I predict that technology is going to become increasingly prevalent in fashion trends, and, in fact, this is already happening. Let's take a look at five stylish accessories that bridge the gap between fashion and technology.

1. Apple Watch

It's a phone inside a watch — can't get more innovative than that. But it's also really really pretty — even Karl Lagerfeld and Beyonce have their own versions.

2. Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glass

The world-renown designer teamed up with Google to put a stylish spin on the cutting-edge smart glass technology, and I'm loving it.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

It looks like just a gorgeous bracelet right? But this chic accessory actually notifies you of incoming calls and texts. Those clunky beepers are a thing of the way past.

4. Q Bracelet Portable Phone Charger

Charging your phone has never looked so good.

5. Misfit Necklace Fitness Tracker

Sure, there are lots of fitness tracker accessories out there, but they're usually so clunky and unattractive. This one conceals the technology so well, you'll never even guess this is a "smart" necklace.

Check out this behind the scenes video at the Sillicon Valley Fashion Week to see some of the wacky creations for yourself

Image: Screenshot