7 'Lion King' Fashions And Accessories You'll Definitely Want To Wear Because, Duh, It's Still Your Favorite Disney Movie

Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was by far The Lion King. I could quote you pretty much the entire film, and could definitely sing all the songs. So if you're feeling nostalgic and want to incorporate some Lion King fashion into your adult life, I say why not?

I remember that as a fifth grader — which was around the time the movie came out — I was a part of an Honor's Chorus in my school district. The best part of that hour-long musical presentation? The 5-song Lion King medley smack dab in the middle of it. I can still hear the cheesy but supposed-to-sound evil hyena laughs we had to make at the end of the song "Be Prepared."

It's hard to believe that The Lion King is actually 21 years old, and subsequently, that the movie has officially become an adult itself. Despite how old that makes me feel, there's nothing like reliving a little piece of your childhood to make you feel young again, and I'm betting that if you're reading this, you feel the same!

If you're inspired and have no shame (and why should you?) in wearing a "vintage" Lion King t-shirt, then you're ace in my book. There are some obviously Lion King-inspired pieces included in the below list, but I thought I'd try to find a few things that aren't as explicitly Lion King and Disney brand-y, but more subtle. So that only true fans will know what you're giving a shout out to.

1. The Simba Pendant

Simba Pendant, $14, Etsy

One of the most beloved symbols from the movie, I love how darling this little piece is. Obviously, it's a dead give-away for the film, but hey, Rafikki's little hand-drawn image of the baby Simba is something to be proud of. The way it moved me in my younger years in that scene hasn't changed a bit, and it still brings a little tear to my eye.

2. The Hairbow

Lion King Inspired Hairbow, $8, Etsy

Yes, yes, O.M.G., yes! It just can't get any cuter than this. I know it's the same little symbol, but come on, it's just too adorable. This wouldn't have to go in your hair, either. Clip a bow to your handbag or backpack and it's just another accessory to let the world know you're obsessed with one of the greatest animated stories of all time.

3. The Slip-On Shoes

Women's Canvas Slip-on Shoes, $45, Etsy

You guys, these exist! The fact that someone took the time to hand-paint these amazes me. Sport your favorite cartoon characters and this Etsy user's brilliant artwork at the same time. Major kudos!

4. The Hakuna Matata Ring

Hakuna Matata Ring, $12, Etsy

Perfectly nonchalant, this little nod to one of the film's main themes is a sweet and subtle way to express your adoration for the remarkable story. And who doesn't want to live by that motto? I mean, otherwise, what's a "motto" with you?

5. Circle Of Life Tank

Customizable Racerback Tank Top, $21, Etsy

If you're still into the infinity symbol trend, then this is the tank for you. Totally cute and comfortable, you could use this to lounge around the house, sleep, or work out in. Or pretty much anything else for that matter.

6. These Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylor Fresh Colors, $55, Converse

Although not officially inspired by the film, these vibrant orange Chucks paired with brown or beige leggings and a mustard yellow sweater would subtly announce to the world that you're channeling your inner Simba or Nala.

7. This Sweater

Round Spot Lace Collar Sweater, $21, Polyvore

The way this sweater is made, you'd definitely have your own built-in lion mane no matter the length of your own hair. You'll be as soft and cuddly as baby Simba probably was, too, and I'm sure you'll enjoy giving everyone around a playful roar to boot.

Images: Disney; Courtesy Brands