'Alias' Needs A Reboot ASAP

With the networks clearly suffering from a case of reboot fever, I have a proclamation to make: it is time to resurrect Alias . J.J. Abrams' thrilling spy drama, which aired on ABC between 2001 and 2006, featured Jennifer Garner as the butt-kicking, super spy Sydney Bristow, and, in addition to being genuinely great TV, it was just so much fun. Sydney was a strong female character who, to this day, remains one TV's best heroes — and the rest of the characters weren't too shabby themselves. From hacker Marshall (Kevin Weisman) to Spy Daddy Jack (Victor Garber) to the deliciously evil Sark (David Anders), the characters of Alias were full of twisted motivations, unlikely alliances, and amazing BFF relationships. Oh, and did I mention the part where they were spies? Because, yes, they were totally spies: complete with gadgetry and a crazy complicated mythos. Sadly, though, the series left us after just five short seasons, culminating with a great series finale in 2006.

However, is wanting more of this show so much to ask? Even Garber, Spy Daddy himself, wants to come back: In an interview with E! Online, Garber not only expressed a desire to get the old gang back together, but he also mentioned he is still close with cast members Garner and Bradley Cooper. Surely, the rest of the cast would be just as obliging to return as Garber is — the iconic series helped launch most of their careers. Plus, the last season was kind of nuts, so it would be so cool to watch Alias delve into the post-finale world.

Not convinced? Maybe these seven reasons Alias needs a reboot will do the trick.

The World Needs More Sydney Bristow

Sydney was a superhero with a human side. She was brilliant, capable of taking down the enemy all on her own, playful, funny, and just one of the coolest characters who ever graced my television screen. Five years of Sydney was just not enough. What would her life be like today? Are her kids following in her footsteps and joining the spy game? Is she still saving the world with Vaughn (Michael Vartan) by her side? Has she taken Spy Daddy's place in the chain of command? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERS.

Jack Cannot Be Dead

Hey, Garber is the one who made me want this reboot, so he has to come back. Jack sacrificing himself to make sure Sloane stayed imprisoned for all eternity was a noble act, but I would much prefer to see Jack survive and resume his feud with the now immortal Sloane. If Jack kept the fact that he was alive from Sydney all this time then the fallout would be wonderfully heartbreaking.

The Team Needs to Be Reunited

Alias had one of the best casts ever. In addition to Garber and Garner, the show had Cooper, Vartan, Anders, Weisman, Greg Grunberg, Amy Acker, Gina Torres, and so many other amazing actors. If that team could reunite just one more time, it would make for some incredible TV viewing.

TV Needs More Female-Driven Action Shows

Horror is huge right now and so are superheroes — but in terms of fun, female-driven action shows, there is not a whole lot to choose from. Alias was full of women who were heroic, and women who were scary bad guys — the dynamics between the two groups drove most of the action, and Alias was better for it. Even the relationship between Sydney and her mom alone is strong enough to build an entire series around.

The Rambaldi Mystery Was Never Really Resolved

The central Rambaldi mystery was beyond confusing... or maybe it made perfect sense if you happen to be good at solving mysteries. I know I was left baffled by the final reveals. If Alias returned for a limited series, it could streamline the mystery and finally tie up those loose ends that left fans guessing.

We Need to Know What Happened to Vaughn and Sydney

The series finale showed Sydney and Vaughn happy seven years in the future — but where would they be today? Their kids would be almost grown and they would be getting up there in spy years. Would they still be happy? Did one, or both of them decided to drop out of the spy game? Perhaps they just fell out of love, or they could be working on being the real life Incredibles' family. The world needs to know!

Isabelle Deserves Her Own Time to Shine

Alias ended with little Isabelle showing the same aptitude for puzzles as her mother. Given the relationship between Sydney and Irina were over the years, who wouldn't want to see how Sydney connected with her own daughter? Watching a grown Isabelle discover her mother's past or choose the spy game on her own would be captivating with the right actress. Quick, someone call Chloë Grace Moretz, and let's make this Alias reboot happen!

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