When Will ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Hit Netflix? This Guide Will Catch You Up On All The Action

There is nothing in the world more satisfying than marathoning a show — closing the blinds and holing up for a day, weekend, week, and just burning through an entire season. Sometimes I’ll take a show I really like and wait to watch it, saving it until it’s all on Netflix. There are, however, some downsides to that plan. Occasionally a show will be added to Netflix right as the next season is preparing to air, and you don’t have enough time to watch it all before new episodes start to come out. Such is the case (I’m pretty sure) for when The Vampire Diaries Season 6 hits Netflix. If my highly scientific (read: guess) conjecture is correct, then Season 6 will be added in October, right before the The Vampire Diaries Season 7 premiere. [UPDATE: According to a Netflix press release, TVD will be added Oct. 2.]

That's how it worked for TVD Season 5. It came out on Netflix the day of Season 6, and they're likely to do a similar thing again this year. So, if you’ve been saving all those delicious episodes to watch in one fell swoop, you’re running a serious risk of being behind when the show comes back.

Since no one should be left out of the vamp-action, you can go ahead and consider this article your handy-dandy Season 6 cheat sheet. I’ve highlighted everything you need to know from the last 22 episodes (spoilers below, obviously) so that you can dive right in to the new TVD adventures this fall.

Elena Pulls An Eternal Sunshine

The season starts with Damon and Bonnie gone and presumed dead. Elena, in a pretty spectacular attempt to hide from pain and heartbreak, has Alaric compel all of her memories of Damon away. He does come back (TVD without Damon is no show of mine) and they reunite, but it takes a while for the beautiful and tragic memories to come back. More on that soon...

Alaric Is A Vampire! I Mean, Human!

He comes back from the dead (thanks Bonnie) but is still a mega-vampire (thus compelling the memories). He falls in love, gets killed (sort of), then comes back but this time as a human. Yeah, he had a pretty big season.

Death Does Not Suit Tyler

Tyler also gets brought back from the veil; Bonnie was busy! He becomes human again, all hybrid powers gone. His big challenge is keeping that Lockwood temper of his in check so that he doesn’t accidentally kill someone and re-trigger his werewolf curse. He falls in love with Liv (a cute new witch on the scene) and in a tragic turn has to kill her (it’s OK, she was dying already) to survive. This is his farewell season, and he’s a lot more like Season 1 Tyler, which I am very into.

Jeremy Becomes An “Artist”

He regains his Hunter abilities thanks to the work of the Heretics. He decides he actually wants to live to see 30, so he leaves town. Everyone is convinced he is following his dream to become an artist, but, in reality he’s off hunting vampires. Spinoff, anyone?

Gemini Is The Sign To Beat

Bonnie got some witch competition this year. The Gemini are a super-charged witch coven, very powerful and crazy good at creating prison worlds. Best part: they gave us Liv, Tyler’s love interest and a fierce witch. Worst part: they gave us Kai, this season’s big bad who wreaked all sorts of havoc, killing many people including Alaric’s lady love at their wedding (she was also pregnant). Alaric really cannot catch a break.

Delena's Swan Song

You probably already know that Nina Dobrev left TVD at the end of this season, but at least she had a really beautiful goodbye. Kai, evil genius that he is, linked Elena and Bonnie so that Elena will be in a sleeping-beauty like state until Bonnie dies. There was a second there where it looked like Damon was going to kill Bonnie to get Elena back... but in reality he is just going to wait 60 years for her until they can be together. Swoon.

You should be ready to rock Season 7 now. Happy watching!

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW; giphy (6)