Fifteen-Year-Old Elise By Olsen Has Her Own Fashion Magazine & Blogging Network

Sometimes, there are people that make you feel like maybe you're moderately inadequate. While I don't think that's how Norwegian teen Elise By Olsen would want me to feel, it's a bit difficult not to have a massive inferiority complex talking about her. Fifteen-year-old Elise By Olsen recently launched a magazine geared toward young readers after she started blogging at the age of eight. Now, she's editing that glossy and running her own blogging network. Talking about a woman knowing what she wants, right? We've definitely seen teens with bright ideas and big futures ahead of them, and By Olsen is definitely an addition to that list. The fabulous teen sat down with The Guardian to talk about beauty, the magazine, and how she sees her generation responding to creative content.

The teen admits to The Guardian that she "doesn't sleep much," but that doesn't seem to be deterring her from following her fashion and beauty dreams. A few years ago, (keep in mind that she's fifteen), she created her magazine Recens with friends. By Olsen explains that there's a lack of content for young readers stating, "I decided I wanted to advance things because there’s a distinct lack of publications for young people which don’t showcase gender stereotypes and impossible beauty standards." Her outlook on the fashion and beauty industry is definitely one I can get down with. Despite the plethora of body positive campaigns out there at the moment, the vast majority of publications still showcase standards that are unattainable.

While the magazine may be considered a fashion glossy, By Olsen doesn't like to place the publication in a confined box. Instead, she includes a multitude of topics, including interviews with young entrepreneurs like herself. "I see fashion as one part of it," she told The Guardian , "It’s mainly a platform for undoing gender stereotypes, for advancing beyond advertising-led content.” While many may think her print based platform is outdated, By Olsen doesn't see it that way. She wants her content to act as a conversation piece. Explaining her view, she tells The Guardian, "I want people to sit around and read it and talk, you know. I love the internet, I couldn’t have achieved any of this without it, but it can be pretty antisocial and unreal. What you see is a perception. It’s not what’s going on.”

By Olsen's focus on reality and approachable style are what make her so unique. While others in her field, like the obvious comparison to Tavi Gevinson, have utilized a nearly total online outlet, she has split her endeavors into print and web formats. While this may not seem revolutionary to some, her decisions harken back to a time where fashion and beauty were conversation pieces and meant to be had in person. The simplicity of that vision, her desire to buck gender ideals, and her emphasis on real, everyday style make By Olsen one of the most promising young fashionistas around.

Images: Elise By Olsen/Instagram