How To Have A Barbecue When You Don't Have A Backyard, Because Grilling On Memorial Day Is Tradition

Unfortunately, we can't all be blessed with a backyard — or any yard for that matter. If you live in a metropolitan area or in an apartment building, you probably know what I'm talking about. So how do you have a Memorial Day barbecue when you don't have a backyard? Believe it or not, there actually are quite a few options that can help save your weekend (because a Memorial Day weekend without a BBQ just isn't right).

Everybody grills on Memorial Day weekend. It's just what you do. Don't let the fact that you don't have a spacious, green yard hold you back from partaking in this delicious holiday tradition. You don't need a backyard to barbecue, you only need some packages of your fave burgers and hotdogs, a grill, and an appetite.

It's time to get creative with choosing where you barbecue. Who knows? You may even have more fun than if you stuck with the traditional backyard scheme. From rooftops to beaches, the fun has only just begun. Get your Memorial Day BBQ playlist queued and start picking out your drink menu, because the weekend is just about here, and that means the party can finally begin, backyard or not.

1. Rooftop BBQ

What's the point of having a roof? Aside from keeping out the rain and keeping in the heat... barbecuing with a view! A rooftop barbecue is basically the official form of city-living cool.

2. Courtyard BBQ

Maybe you don't have your own backyard if you live in a larger complex, but chances are your apartment building has a general courtyard area where you can light up the grill. Bonus: you might even get to meet some fun neighbors while you're cooking.

3. Balcony BBQ

Balconies aren't just for stargazing and smoke breaks — they're for cooking up burgers, steaks, and hotdogs. BBQs on the balcony also allow for easy indoor access, so convenience remains key.

4. Public Park BBQ

The public parks are there to serve the community, including you and your friends. Check out your local government park website to see which areas you're allowed to use for grilling.

5. Camp Site BBQ

Why have a one day barbecue when you can turn it into a weekend of camping and cooking? Rent a camp site, pull out the tents, and make an event of it.

6. Beach BBQ

Last but certainly not least, beaches make for some prime real estate when you're looking for a chill place to barbecue. Just make sure you get a site early, as they tend to fill up quickly during this celebratory weekend.

Images: Samuel Barnes, John Verive, Oka Tai-Lee, Ken Whytock, Sholeh Munion, Rene Wouters, Andy Rogers, Kirt Edblom/Flickr