Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Seen Holding Hands, So Does That Mean This Break-Up Thing Is Finally Over?

I hope you're ready to completely lose control of your feels, because this was the entertainment news story people were the most unreasonably invested in aside from Zayn Malik quitting One Direction. When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up, or took a break, or whatever they were rumored to be calling it, the world literally stopped for some people. All we could ask was, "Why? You're so great together! You made me believe in love again!" But, worry not, Stonefield fans, because it appears that whole break up thing was just a cruel joke one or both actors were playing on us. Stone and Garfield were seen holding hands in Malibu Farm this week — according to an eyewitness, anyway. Actual proof that Stonefield isn't dead, or wishful thinking on the part of a broken fan? The world has yet to find out.

Because, you see, there are no photos from the event in question. There is nothing concrete confirming Stone and Garfield's reunion but the word of an anonymous eyewitness who probably wouldn't outright lie, but who could definitely end up just seeing what they want to see. I mean, don't we all wish we could spot Stone and Garfield on a romantic date near Malibu Farm, holding hands and looking happy like they never shattered our hearts into a thousand pieces?

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Sure, there's a lot more going on in the world — even just in the entertainment world — than the status of Stone and Garfield's relationship, but, I mean, come on. Since Garfield was fired from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise after the Marvel-Sony Spider-Man rights merge, and since Stone's character was killed off in the second film regardless, our chances to see their on-screen chemistry develop in real life have gotten few and far between. The fact that the couple is notoriously private, and haven't even fully admitted that they are a couple, doesn't really help. Then, out of nowhere, they decide to take a break, like a million people aren't relying on them to be living proof that love still exists in Hollywood? How rude!

I want to believe that Stone and Garfield were holding hands and looking happy near Malibu Farm. Seriously, I do. The pair have been together for much longer than most Hollywood marriages last, and their reasons for separating weren't exactly the kind of insurmountable issues that would render them incapable of reuniting. Distance might have been what spelled the end of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, but those two now have a habit of getting back together whenever they reunite to film an X-Men movie. (I can't be the only one holding out hope for them, can I? Sorry, Chris Martin, but Joult is the love that can never die.)

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In that same way, if Stone and Garfield really are wandering around holding hands and confusing people, then it's only a matter of time before these two crazy kids get back together and continue coming up with creative ways to avoid any question of how their relationship is going, and whether or not they are even in a relationship to begin with. I won't believe that Stonefield is really done until they both start seeing other people — and, even then, it'll probably take me a while to warm up to anyone else they could date. I mean, really, look at them. Maybe now we can finally return to looking at pictures of them without sobbing that their relationship has come to an unexpected end.

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