This Little Boy's Reaction To A Monkey On The Car Is Priceless, And Basically The Only Reason I Want To Have Kids — VIDEO

Some families go on road trips. Other families go on road trips where monkeys end up messing with the commute. I'm not really sure how to get in on this magic, but as cool as it sounds, it did look rather inconvenient for the driver. Ever empathetic, the couple's 2-year-old son Hugo chimed in with his input, and this little boy's hilarious reaction to a monkey on the roof of the car is pretty much solid parenting in a nutshell. I seriously want to round of applause these people. After observing the "monkey on the car," Hugo casually adds in his sweet little bb voice, "Fuck off."

A tale that is oft told in my household involves my older brother, who at 18 months old was sitting in a high chair saying "BEEP BEEP" and honking his imaginary horn. "What else do people say in the car?" my parents prompted him (they were asking for this), when my brother replied without a beat of hesitation, "Move, assholes!" (We're still not sure where he learned it, but #bless whoever said it for this comedic gem.)

What can we say? Monkey see, monkey do. And then monkey gets on the roof of your car and gives you beautiful toddler internet gold. Here is just a little bit of insight into the lives of this family that I wish would adopt me and take me on safari adventures with them:

I think we're all going to need an instant replay.

No lies, guys, I've watched this video four times now and it's just as funny every time.

Because we're on a roll and because this is my new #ParentingGoals, here are a few other adorable toddlers dropping eff bombs:

This adorably polite kid covering up his "fuck"

Word to the wise: Skip to the two minute mark.

Jimmy Kimmel asking kids if they know naughty words

The fact that so many of them said "stupid" fills my heart with gladness.

This "kick his ass" girl

Time may pass all of us by but THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD.

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