This What Happens When You Lose Something You Borrowed From A Friend, Because It Is The Absolute Worst — VIDEO

I don't let people borrow my things. Actually, let me rephrase: There are certain people (the majority of my friends, with the exception of one or two responsible people) whom I don't let borrow my things. Because I know, I just KNOW, lending things to certain people is going to result in a red wine spill, a tear, or complete and utter loss. This BuzzFeed video explores the other side of the coin: what happens when you lose something you borrowed from someone else. There are only two types of people in this world as far as I'm concerned. People who lose stuff, and people who don't lose stuff. I'm of the latter category.

I've only lost something once in my life, and I actually think it was stolen out of my hand, so not really my fault. I passed a pouch with my credit card and ID in it to what I thought was my boyfriend's hand reaching behind me (so he could put it in his pocket because I didn't have a handbag with me), and it was taken from me, not by my boyfriend, but by some mystery hand. I think that barely qualifies as losing, but still. That's my one flirtation with being responsible for the loss of something I owned, and it devastated me. It took me a really long time to grapple with the fact that maybe, just maybe, as I get older, I'm moving into the former category. But I'm not. I haven't lost anything since, and I don't intend to lose anything ever again.

Watch the woman who lost her friend's earring melt down below, which might remind you of the time Rachel lost Monica's earring (lent to her by Phoebe) on Friends:

Meanwhile, here are a few tips I have for people who lose things on the regular:

1. Don't just throw your stuff any old place when your take it off/put it down at home

Have a SPOT for them (a key hook, a trinket bowl etc.), and then you can't misplace them.

2. When you're out, keep your things on your person at all times

For instance, don't place your phone on the bar while you're buying a round of drinks because you will forget it there.

3. Find a friend like me who will whip you into shape

Or at least follow you around picking up your things after you.


If Queen Bey can do it, SO CAN YOU.

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