Are Sam Smith & John Legend Friends? They Were Big Fans Of Each Other Even Before They Collaborated — VIDEO

If you've ever wanted to wear a red clown nose, Thursday, May 21 is the day! Red Nose Day is a campaign that raises money for impoverished and underprivileged youth through fun events and laughter, hence the use of the red nose. Even if you were previously unfamiliar with the mission, you have probably seen social media posts of regular people and celebrities alike sporting red noses to raise awareness. And prepare to feel all the feelings, because two soulful music forces have collaborated for the cause in a very emotional way. Sam Smith and John Legend teamed up to release a special edition of Smith's "Lay Me Down," which will serve as the official song of the inaugural Red Nose Day.

This is the perfect recipe to get people involved in the day's events, which will end in a three-hour special on NBC featuring some of Hollywood's favorite celebrities. Two singers with big hearts and big voices rallying together for a big cause is always a surefire way to ignite interest, and of course, make their respective fans proud. And some fans might be wondering if Smith and Legend were friends before they teamed up to work on this very important cause together. As it turns out, they might not have been buddies or bros exactly, but they were huge fans of one another! When you check out their amazing collaborative music video below, it is not hard to see why.

Legend told Yahoo! Music in a recent interview that he was actually a fan of Smith even before he blew up. The 36-year-old said his agent was the one who pointed Smith out to him, and his agent even said that he envisioned the two stars touring together at some point (yes, please!). Once Legend heard Smith's voice, he was in awe. The "All Of Me" singer said, “I recognize talent because I realize there aren’t a lot of great singers out there and when you hear someone that really is great — like Sam — you have to acknowledge that and say, 'Wow, this is great.’”

And it looks like Smith felt the same way. Legend said in the same Yahoo! interview that Smith told him has been a fan of his for quite a long time. And Smither reiterated that much in a 2014 interview with Beamly, a U.K.-based website. Of the possibility of collaborating with Legend, the "Stay With Me" singer said, "I’m the biggest fan of his, so that’d be amazing."

Well, it looks like his wish came true and then some! As Legend and Smith show from their experience, not only can they rally together for a great campaign, but they can also don amazing matching accessories.