This Hoodie Comes With A Cat-Carrying Pouch!

You know that old saying about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer? Well, well you can keep your feline fur babies the closest, thanks the Mewgaroo hoodie, which is equipped with a cat compartment. That is, if you live in Japan or have the cash to import one for yourself.

The hoodie, which is like Snuggie, but with a pouch for portable pets, is manufactured by Unihabitat, a Japanese pet supply company. It's a cozy, comfortable sweatshirt with a dedicated nesting space for pets to snuggle and lounge in for that all-important human-to-pet bonding.

So if you like to keep your kitten or your small dog close to you while you are working or running errands, here's how you do it! Say goodbye to separation anxiety for your and your fur baby.

The hoodie comes equipped with a washable liner, since it will inevitably be coated in fine cat hairs or pooch fur. So there's the utility, but how about the fashionability?

The Unihabitat designers didn't scrimp on the cool factor, since the extra long cuffs have both thumb holes and a paw print. It's baggy and it's athletic in nature, since it needs to accommodate the cat or small dog, but it's way comfy and cute, at least from a visual perspective.

This orange cat looks happy to be on the lap of its owner and beyond.

Snuggle time!

Never be more than a few inches from your beloved pet!


Who needs separation of work and play? Since so many people dress their pets up or tote them in designer carryalls, this is a cuddlier, less frivolous, and totally functional option.

Watch the short, under-a-minute video of how the Mewgaroo functions.

Too cute and a true convergence of fashion and function.

Images: Unihabitat (3); YouTube (3)