Celebrities React To David Letterman's Final Show On Twitter & They're Going Through The Same Stages Of Grief That We Are

On Wednesday night, the entertainment industry bid farewell to David Letterman on his final appearance as host of The Late Show . Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carey, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Chris Rock and many, many more appeared at the Ed Sullivan theater for a star-studded bon voyage. Letterman's last episode was as emotional as it was hilarious — filled with memories (like the time the 68-ear-old worked at Taco Bell), and lots of loving jabs at the man of the hour. The producers even got a handful of American Presidents to say goodbye to Dave in a feature called, "Our Long National Nightmare is Over," featuring George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Needless to day, the talk show host's retirement is kind of a big deal.

With more than 30 years and 6,000 episodes in late night comedy under his belt, Letterman is truly an icon. His wry sense of humor and signature gap-toothed grin have been on air longer than I've been alive. His rebellious, "screw the mainstream" attitude has influenced generations of comedians, including the likes of Amy Schumer and Conan O'Brien. Hundreds of celebrities took to Twitter for Letterman's last show to say thanks and reminisce on a truly stellar career.

Take a look at how our favorite actors, musicians, and politicians feel about David Letterman.

The Emotional

The Nostalgic

The Funny