Someone Told Jeb Bush She'd Name Her Baby "Jeb," Which Is Only A Little Better Than Calling Your Kid "Khaleesi"

It's not an entirely new concept to name your baby after a president or even a presidential candidate, but there are some names that perhaps warrant a second thought. One woman in New Hampshire apparently felt the same way. On Wednesday, at a business roundtable event, supporter Jackie Burke told Jeb Bush she'd name her baby after him, but then later revealed to reporters that she was only joking. Now this is a woman who really loves her child — or just has common sense — because, well, Jeb probably isn't the greatest name for a child.

According to CNN, as Bush was leaving the event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Wednesday, he greeted Burke, who was heavily pregnant and actually due the next day. As he started walking to his waiting car, Burke's mother, Renee Plummer, the organizer of the event, yelled to him that her daughter was naming her baby Jeb. Surprised and clearly flattered, the presumed Republican candidate asked, "Really? You're really going to name the baby Jeb?" Even he was probably shocked and thinking, "You might want to give that some more thought."

Playing along, Burke said, "I'm going to tell my husband, 'Jeb it is.'"

Touched by her decision, CNN reports, he gave her another hug and walked to his car beaming from ear to ear, telling reporters:

That's so sweet. First time that's ever happened.

Not so fast. As soon as Bush was out of sight, Burke essentially yelled, "Psych!" She told reporters:

No, I don't know that I'm naming him Jeb. That was a joke. I got another hug out of it. It was great.
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Way to troll a former governor, Burke! Nevertheless, she is still an avid Bush supporter and in the end said she would throw the name Jeb into the mix for consideration.

Perhaps what is most troubling about this story, besides the fact that someone actually considered naming their child Jeb, is that Jeb isn't even his real name! Bush was born John Ellis Bush, and actually decided to go by Jeb, the combination of his initials. However, as far as naming your baby after prominent figures goes, you could actually do a lot worse than Jeb, because at least it's somewhat of a real name. Take a look at all the poor children out there with even crazier names.

  • In 2014, some of the most popular baby names were inspired by Shonda Rhimes characters, like Arizona and Callie from Grey's Anatomy and Huck and Fitzgerald from Scandal.
  • After Frozen came out, Elsa (the main character) became a wildly popular baby name, as did Idina (after Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa), Kristoff, and even Olaf (why?).
  • It's no secret that the HBO series Game of Thrones is a major cultural phenomenon, but just how major? Thanks to the show and books, future generations will have Khaleesis (241 babies in 2013), Aryas (1,135 in 2013), Daeneryses (67 in 2013), and Tyrions (43 in 2013) among them.
  • Another popular show churning out baby name ideas is Downton Abbey, whose characters Edith, Cora, Sybil, and Elsie are also inspiring new parents.
  • While no one's going to bat an eye when someone names their kid after a Disney character, but a meth kingpin? That might get you some unwanted attention from Child Services. In 2013 and 2014, the names Walter, Skyler, and Jesse from Breaking Bad skyrocketed in popularity.
  • You thought a meth cook was bad, but what about Lucifer?
  • Then there are the ones that aren't even inspired by people, like Hashtag, Facebook, and the @ symbol. Social media has clearly gone too far in its influence.
  • And those aren't even the worst. There's a three-way tie for the absolute worst baby names in existence, compiled by the Daily Mail: I'munique, Gennah Tyles, and Orgasm.
  • But going back to politicians for a second, there is one politician-inspired name that would be worse than Jeb, and it's Obamaniqua.

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