Who Is Mary Jo Brown? Hillary Clinton's Twitter Has Been Taken Over By This Awesome New Hampshire Mom

When Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy and said she wanted to represent the everyday American, who knew the everyday American would actually be representing her? Looks like Clinton really wants to show she wants to give all Americans a chance to speak up. On Thursday, a New Hampshire woman took over Clinton's Twitter account and began tweeting for the Democratic presidential candidate to her 3.6 million followers. So who is Mary Jo Brown?

According to her tweets under Clinton's handle, Brown is a mother and small business owner of Brown & Company Design in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Local ABC affiliate WMUR reported Clinton handed the reins to Brown to reflect her economic agenda's focus on small businesses. It's a familiar message Clinton has been repeating on her campaign trail. On Tuesday, Clinton told a group of small business owners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she was their candidate by saying, "I want to be a small business president."

Clinton's Twitter got a slight makeover signifying the change in command. The account still has the same @HillaryClinton handle, but now its name reads "Mary Jo for Hillary." The (in)famous Hillary logo has been updated to include a photo of Brown leaning casually in front of her office. One thing's for sure: Brown is definitely not a regular mom. She's a cool mom!

Brown & Company is a 10-person strategic design studio that's been in business since 1992. Brown's tweets so far have been pretty cute as she shares her experience of running her own company.

Hi there! I’m Mary Jo — a mom, small business owner, and Granite Stater — and I’m taking over this Twitter account today. Welcome to Portsmouth!

Brown's morning checklist includes waking up, taking her 10-year-old daughter Hayley to school (who also wants to run her own company), and getting coffee on the way to work. She shared a photo of her latte with a special "H" emblazoned in the foam.

Brown then tweeted a photo of two of her staffers as a rush web project came in.

According to Brown, the best thing about running her own business is the freedom that comes with balancing work and life.

The best part of owning my own business: It enabled me to become a single mom at 40, and gives me security & flexibility to be a mom now.

Brown's surprise cameo happened the same day Clinton launched her LinkedIn page, and if there's one thing that's for certain, Hillz is definitely making her digital mark for this campaign. Will there be more Twitter takeovers? I wouldn't be surprised to see more everyday Americans featured in the coming months.

Image: HillaryClinton/Twitter