This Little French Girl Trying On Eyeliner Is An Inspiration And I Want To Be Her When I Grow Up — VIDEO

Stop what you're doing and LISTEN: Your whole life you've been applying eyeliner wrong. No, no, it's OK, take a breath. Find your chill. Because as disastrous and earth-shattering as it may feel to find that your full grown self has been putting ink on your face the wrong way for however many years you've existed, there is a solution. An adorable one, in fact. This little French girl trying on make-up knows exactly how to fix you.

Meet the next big thing in beauty blogging, 5-year-old Lina. She's taking life one beauty product at a time, and adorably narrating in French as she goes. I have just enough semi-committed high school and college French to determine what she is saying, and apparently in this video (the second attempt, she says), she is getting gussied up for Christmas, and sharing her insights and beauty secrets with her fans. Basically, she's here to save the day.

It might take you a little while to master her techniques, but try not to be intimidated. Like all good things in life, this is going to take a lot of patience and a lot of practice, but if you persevere then all the hard work will pay off. Just see for yourself:

Innovative. Flawless. Make sure you're really paying attention to her technique on the second go round, because there is a finesse and a skill level here that you might miss with the casual eye.

BRAVA. Somebody needs to get this kid her own YouTube channel, stat. Here is the whole finished look (warning, it is impossibly precious):

Lina truly is ahead of her time. For more beauty tips and tons of French in a high-pitched little kid voice (YOU NEED THIS), the full video is here.

Images: YouTube(4)