These Four Baby Leopards Are On A Personal Mission To Slay Us With Their Cute, And Victory Is Theirs — VIDEO

Puppies are out, leopards are in. Get on board, guys. Don't leave me hanging out here, because in all honesty, these baby leopards are what your day needs. You might also need someone to respond to your text, email or phone call, or your boss to green light a project. You might desperately need it to be lunchtime. But that doesn't matter right now. That's future-you's problem. And present you is about to see something amazing. I know you thought you hit the trifecta with cute dogs, cute babies and the occasional cat video. But you're mistaken.

The leopard babies were born at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. So basically Tacoma now has one up on Seattle. Tourism's about to HAPPEN for them. They were born on May 12 to mother Chai Li and father Nah Funon. And also, how can I get a gig naming leopards?

They're tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and haven't opened their eyes yet. The clouded leopards are rare and won't be on display for at least another month. Until then, the zoo staff is nursing the cubs.

To tide you over until they're on display:

"Could they BE any cuter?" - Chandler Bing, after first meeting with the cubs. (Probably.)

Don't worry, the cuteness doesn't end here. We made you GIFs too. Once you pop the fun don't stop, amirite?

Watch the full video and prepare to weep tears of joy. It'll be cathartic, I swear.

If you've always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest, now seems like the right time. Send me a postcard?

Images: YouTube(3)