Adidas PDX Carpet Edition Shoe Immortalizes Portland Airport Rug, Which Is Actually Pretty Iconic

Sources of inspiration in fashion are vast, from the obvious (flowers, animals, architecture, generational beauties) to the surprising (puddles). Now, Adidas is releasing a PDX Carpet edition of the D Lillard 1 sneaker and the print is the same as '80s-look, teal blue carpet at PDX — the Portland airport. So the rug is being immortalized through fashion. Why?

In case you missed it because it got lost in the ether of viral Internet sensations, when it was announced that all 13 acres of the infamous carpet would be torn out and replaced, PDX carpet selfies became a thing. Now Adidas is capitalizing on the hoopla because, I guess, the association is that shoes walk on floors... which are covered by carpets... you get the idea. But the sneaker brand isn't actually revolutionary with this idea.

Locals have apparently been selling shirts and hoodies with the PDX carpet print at airport stores and around the city (non-Portland residents can also scoop them up online).

I called my friend Mike, who has resided in Portland for several years, to get the scoop, and I pretty much heard his eyes roll over the phone. He said that people in the city acted like they cared once the announcement that the carpet would be ripped out and replaced was made. However, other sources imply that the carpet has been rather iconic for some time.

Really? An airport carpet print that is frankly rather ugly (IMO) and stuck in the '80s is this inspiring? Is it so uncool that it's... cool?

Why the hoopla over this rug? When I think airport rugs, I think grime lurking beneath the surface on the microscopic level. Ick.

Mike also told me that he thinks the new carpet is almost the same pattern, just with different colors.

So did the old teal carpet need to be canonized in fashion via a shoe? I don't particularly think so, but hey — this must be one legendary floor covering.

"Portland is one of those cities that gets behind anything when it comes to a change and acts out against it, like 'Save the Carpet,'" Mike said.

His opinion is that the carpet was not some big celebrated landmark prior, but obviously people feel passionately enough to rally behind (and buy fashion inspired by) the carpet.

The PDX as Adidas shoe drops on May 23 and with a $125 price tag, according to Sole Collector and are seriously pretty rad and modern, considering their somewhat dated inspo.

Hey Adidas, while you're at it, why not check out the carpets at the Newark Airport when brainstorming your next shoe design?

Images: Adidas/Sole Collector (3)