Is 'The Bachelorette' New On Memorial Day? You Can Add Two Hours Of Looking For Love To Your Holiday Barbeque

The two Bachelorettes have been narrowed down to one, and now it's time for the actual season to start. But will The Bachelorette air on the night of Memorial Day? The answer, surprisingly, is yes, as even a three-day weekend cannot delay a search for love. And, perhaps knowing that plenty of other networks typically air reruns on holiday weekends, ABC has scheduled a brand new two-hour episode of The Bachelorette on May 25. It would be weird to miss a week after the premiere crossed over into two days, so the scheduling actually makes a certain type of sense.

Now that the official Bachelorette is Kaitlyn, the rest of the season is going to all be about the "journey" she's on. And Kaitlyn is already proving to be a wildly entertaining Bachelorette, even responding to early criticism with a quick defense about having sex outside of the limitations of the holy Fantasy Suite. "I don’t think that's a crazy thing to sleep with somebody when you're trying to be in a relationship with them," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think maybe I'm just the first Bachelor or Bachelorette to talk about that on TV."

Basically, she's going to be loudly critiquing the Bachelorette process all the way through, even if she'll also be happily participating in it, which should, hopefully, make for a great Season 11. But, the thing is, The Bachelorette is actually a perfect accompaniment for a holiday barbecue on Memorial Day. And since Monday is a holiday, it'll really feel more like Sunday, but instead of a whole bunch of competing shows, there will only be two hours of Bachelorette. It really will be the perfect ending to Memorial Day Weekend for these five reasons.

It's The Perfect Chance To Get People Addicted To The Show

I don't know what subliminal messages play during this show, but something about it makes it impossible to watch just a single episode. So, rope in as many impressionable friends as you'd like.

There's Almost Nothing Else New On Mondays

There aren't a tremendous amount of news shows on Monday nights, especially compared to the stacked Sunday nights. So, why turn down two hours of new TV after a holiday?

It Will Be All Over Twitter

Staying in on Monday? Good idea, recharge before the shorter workweek. But even social media will be full of other people who either watch it as a guilty pleasure or, against their own better judgement... started to love it.

It's Weirdly Family-Friendly

I know the idea of a bunch of guys competing to propose stiffly to a stranger doesn't sound like family fare, but it's in the same spirit as other competition shows like American Idol or The Voice. If you're going home for the weekend, why not try making converts of your whole family?

It's Going To Be The Amy Schumer Episode

Look, all the other reasons to not miss out on the show are moot compared to this. There's going to be a comedy challenge among the guys, and it looks like Amy will either be a coach or a judge. The Bachelorette really lucked out that Schumer wanted to make an appearance, and they're making the most of it by placing it on a night where curious people can easily find it — the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 25.

Images: Rick Rowell, Matt Petit/ABC; Giphy (3)